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5 Things You Should Bring to a Hotel (That I Often Forget)

I love to travel and see new places and I also enjoy staying in a nice clean hotel and being able to relax and be comfortable. Of course a hotel will never feel like home, but there are some minor things you can do that will make your hotel stay even better. These are all […]

10 Fun and Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Since we use the Three Kings Method of Christmas gift giving, we like to stuff our stockings with a lot of little and interesting things. Because our gifts focus on the meaning of Christmas, we like to have fun with our stockings and you never know what you will find stuffed in those big red […]

Tips for Involving Your Children in Travel Plans

I am so excited to bring you this guest post today. Kendra Thornton is a renown travel expert and the former Director of Corporate Communications at, one of the nation’s largest travel agencies. Today she is sharing ideas on involving your children in travel plans and making the trip memorable for the whole family. Kendra […]

The Redneck Bottle Opener You Already Have (And No, It’s Not Your Teeth!)

I do not consume many drinks that come in a glass bottle, but a few years ago I bought some bottles of Mexican soda to bring along on an outing to the drive-in movie theaters. The kiddos were very excited until I realized that I had not brought along a bottle opener and we could not twist the bottle caps off. I did, […]

How To Support Your Friends During Deployment

Chances are that somebody you know has been affected by a military deployment. My own family has been through about a half dozen deployments both inside of and outside of the United States, and if you include our extended family that number more than doubles. Friends of a deployed soldier or military spouse often have no idea how to be supportive and sometimes do […]

World Preemie Day and RSV Awareness

One thing I love about being a blogger is being able to share important facts and issues with my readers. Recipes and crafts are fun, but every once in a while we need to get serious and talk about the big things in life. We all love our children and have a desire to keep them safe.  November 17 […]

Two Fun and Meaningful Ways to Reduce Christmas Present Overload

A few years ago my husband and I became discouraged at how materialistic Christmas was becoming. Not just just in society at large, but also in our own home so we decided to make some changes. I heard some moms discussing  several things they had done to get the number of presents they were giving to their children under control. Two of the ideas these […]

DIY Hunger Games Shirts Update (New Backs and Color)

I had a blast making these DIY Hunger Games shirts with my friend Wendy several months back. However, the iron on details on the back of the shirt came off way too quickly and I was left with a mess that I couldn’t wear. Originally I simply pulled the lettering off but that ended up looking terrible so I knew I had to come up […]

How I Clean Naturally With Non-Toxic #HeinzVinegar

I cook with my household cleaner. Sometimes I grab it from under the sink and pour it right onto the food I am preparing. Before you dismiss me as crazy, you should know that my household cleaner is all natural and non-toxic white vinegar. I always keep some white vinegar in a spray bottle and it is the first thing I go for when I have a […]

Space Saving Idea for Your Closet

I live in a very small house so every inch of space I can free up means a lot to me. My living room closet has to house many things and until recently a rather large amount of space was being occupied by DVDs.  A friend of mine mentioned that she stores her DVDs in her carousel DVD player […]

Snake Cupcakes

One of my son’s favorite days at school is the day he gets to bring cupcakes to school to celebrate his birthday. Last year we made Easy Ocean Cupcakes but this year he wanted something different. Check out this fun and simple snake we made. The instructions for these snake cupcakes are below the picture. This is […]

Preparing Your Heart and Home for Easter

It is the hour to rend thy chains, the blossom time of souls. – Katherine Lee Bates Easter is my favorite day of the year. It is a time to rejoice in the resurrection of my Savior, spend time with my family, and celebrate. My Easter celebration is more than just one day, however. As I mentioned recently, I observe Lent in order to […]