Tips - Celebrating Family

DIY Hunger Games Shirts

As I mentioned earlier this week, I loved The Hunger Games books and am looking forward to seeing the movie this Sunday. To make the experience more fun, I invited a group to go see the movie together.  I told my friend Wendy that I was planning on making myself a shirt and she said she wanted one, too. […]

Gingerbread House Fun and Tips

Every year we build a gingerbread house. We usually do it the day after Thanksgiving, but we had to wait a week or so this year. The reason for the delay? We could only find pre-assembled houses instead of the kits we usually buy. I searched many stores until I found a gingerbread house kit […]

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

My motivation to save money at the grocery store seems to ebb and flow.  It is usually connected to my cash flow level.  When times are tough, I try to save.  When they are not, I do not pay much attention.  I am trying to move into a mindset where I am always looking for […]

In Time for Cyber Monday – The 25 Worst Passwords

Monday is the big online shopping day known as Cyber Monday. Many families will shop online to find amazing deals. Online shopping usually means creating or using passwords and in some cases can mean a greater risk of ne’er-do-wells hacking your computer. (If you want more info on keeping your computer protected head over to […]

Easy Party Punch Recipes for Kids (Dye-Free!)

I never made punch for a party until I was a mom. I have found that part of being a mom is throwing  and attending  many children’s birthday parties. I quickly realized that punch is a surefire hit and can be made in a variety of creative ways. One downside to punch is it is often made with products containing […]

Five Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Produce

My children love fruits and vegetables; I do not have to trick them into eating their greens, coax them, or make threats. They are more than willing to gobble these healthy goodies right up. I have been told that I am lucky my children love vegetables and fruit, but I wouldn’t call it luck – it happened by design. I […]

Veggie Cups

I recently saw an awesome idea over at $5 Dinners and decided to give it a try. We have all seen the tired veggie tray with ranch dressing in the middle, but that can be quite a messy undertaking when the kiddos are serving themselves. This idea puts the veggies and the dip together in a portable and child sized cup. I recently […]

The Benefits of Child Carriers (And My Favs)

I’ll admit it – I am a baby carrier addict. At one point I owned seven different brands and styles. I even made one for my daughter so she could carry her dolls around. I love the freedom and convenience of baby carriers. Here’s a quick list of the benefits of using a baby carrier: […]

Sneaky Pasta Sauce

  Most children do not get enough vegetables and fruits into their diets. We all know this. I try to make sure my kiddos get what they need nutritionally, but I admit that I fail a lot of the time. That is one reason I have been trying to find recipes that incorporate a lot […]

Reminder: Watch Your Children Around Water

School is back in session for a lot of children. For some, this means the end of days by the pool and the beginning of a slow cool down toward an approaching fall. I want to take this opportunity to remind you that pools and other bodies of water are attractive to children year round, […]

Growing Little Artists

I love art. Ever since I first starting learning about art, I have been hooked. I especially appreciate paintings. One of my daydreams is that I will someday have a vast amount of painting supplies and will spend hours on end painting. But back in reality the only painting that occurs in our home is […]

Quick Tip: Motivated Moms Chore Planning System

So many moms feel as if chaos and disorganization are a way of life. Ladies, it doesn’t have to be this way! After spending some time feeling like I could not get caught up, I discovered Motivated Moms. Motivated Moms is a chore planning system that you buy online and print off at home. Using […]