The Benefits of Child Carriers (And My Favs)

The Benefits of Child Carriers (And My Favs)

I’ll admit it – I am a baby carrier addict. At one point I owned seven different brands and styles. I even made one for my daughter so she could carry her dolls around. I love the freedom and convenience of baby carriers. Here’s a quick list of the benefits of using a baby carrier:

  • Mother and baby get extra bonding time and baby feels more secure.
  • Mom has two free hands and can clean, prepare meals, take a walk, use the phone, etc. Freedom!
  • Grocery shopping is a breeze when baby is attached to mom. No need to worry about the baby falling out of the car seat set on the cart. Also, you can walk away from your cart and load the groceries into the cart while still wearing baby – avoiding the dilemma over whether to put baby or groceries in the car first.
  • Wearing a carrier significantly reduces the chance that a stranger will touch the baby because most people do not want to invade your personal space to get up close and personal with the baby.
  • Most carriers allow moms to nurse discretely.
  • You don’t have to haul around a clumsy and awkward car seat or stroller.
  • Having baby up close at mom’s level encourages “conversation” between mom and baby. I remember discussing what brand of rice I was going to buy with my infant son and one little girl looked up at me and asked her mom “Why is she talking to her baby”?” I got a good laugh over that one.
  • Many babies fall asleep and stay asleep in carriers due to the rhythm of mom’s movements and the warmth of mom’s body.
  • It is easier on mom to wear baby than to hold baby in her arms.

I could write pages and pages of benefits but I will stop there to share a few of my favorite slings. I have three:

  • The Ergo CarrierMoby Wrap – The Moby is very soft and comfortable. It is my favorite sling for newborns and infants until they can sit up. I know a lot of moms who use them longer than that, but for me once they can sit up I switch to the next fav on my list.
  • Maya Wrap (or other ring sling) – The ring sling is my absolutely favorite sling and it is the one I am wearing in the picture above. It is sturdy, can be used in multiple carry positions, has a tail that can be used to cover baby in inclement weather or for nursing, and it can be used as a blanket or harness in a pinch. I also think it is the easiest to put on and adjust.
  • Ergo – This carrier is awesome for hiking trips or days at your favorite theme park.  The ergo is very sporty, extremely comfortable, and super simple to use. Even my husband would wear this one. It includes a little hood that can secure your child’s head while he or she sleeps and also has a pocket for carrying small items. This carrier can be fitted for small babies with the infant insert, but I only used it with my children when they were walking.

I have used a lot of different carriers, but those are my favorites. My least favorites were the Bjorn style carriers and anything padded (I live in the desert where extra padding is torture). I do not understand how moms survive without a sling or other carrier.  My sling was like having a mother’s helper around. Most carriers have a huge learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you will love them. What about you? Do you use a sling or other carrier?  Which is your favorite?  How has it improved your life? Feel free to leave a comment.  Share and let’s talk about it.

Disclaimer: Be sure to follower manufacturer directions and common sense practices with any product you use for your child.
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  1. I love babywearing. 🙂 I really like my mei tai, but my ring sling is wonderful, too. Wearing Isaiah has made my life so much easier.

  2. there a lot of choices nowadays.I just used a long piece of fabric and tied my kids on- seriously!

  3. I love baby slings. Some days they were the only thing that saved my sanity when I was home alone with two infants. Thanks for spreading the word.

  4. I love my slings! I actually miss it when the kids are too big for it….I love cuddling with my baby!

  5. I love my sling! The one I have currently is on it’s third kid. I wish I had had it with my first one 🙂

  6. With my first baby, I used a stretchy and then a woven wrap until she was about a year old and I bought an Ergo. This time, I used a stretcy wrap for the first 6 weeks, then moved to a ring sling. I never got the hang of it before, but this time I’m loving it! Especially when I need to nurse on the go.

  7. I loved the Bjorn and a sling for the first year and after that went with a back pack. I don’t know how people survive without carriers/

  8. Thanks so much for writing this article. I am so lost when it comes to the good kinds of carriers. I have had one bjorn and one wrap, but neither of them really worked for me. I’ll have to look more into the sling. Is it secure enough for a baby, or do they wobble around in it?

    • I love all theses slings…they do have a huge earning curve. But if you use them correctly and follow manufacturer instructions they are safe and will hold baby. 🙂

  9. I love my sleepywrap. I use it daily, and both my husband and I sing the “wrap” praises to everyone who asks about it.

  10. My son is 7 now, but we loved, loved, loved the Maya Wrap! We live in a very hilly area with a lot of old uneven sidewalks, and walking with him in a carrier was much, much easier than using a stroller. It also was great when I took him on public transit because I could just keep him in the carrier instead of trying to hold him while folding up a stroller.


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