DIY Hunger Games Shirts

DIY Hunger Games Shirts

DIY Hunger Games Shirts by Celebrating Family

As I mentioned earlier this week, I loved The Hunger Games books and am looking forward to seeing the movie this Sunday. To make the experience more fun, I invited a group to go see the movie together.  I told my friend Wendy that I was planning on making myself a shirt and she said she wanted one, too. Then my husband wanted one and before I knew it Wendy and I were making shirts for our entire group of eight.  After some brainstorming and failed ideas this is what we came up with.  These DIY Hunger Games shirts were pretty easy to make and ended up looking pretty awesome at just over $6 each.

DIY Hunger Games Shirts


Chose and cut out the stencil of your choice.  I chose the mockingjay symbol. Use an X-acto knife for more precise cuts.  Once you have your stencil prepared, lay it on top of some freezer paper (tacky side down) and cut around it so your stenciled item is duplicated on the freezer paper.



The next step is to iron the freeze paper stencil onto your shirt (tacky side down). Make sure you feed the shirt onto the ironing board as this ensures the freezer paper really adheres to the shirt.



Using a spray bottle filled with 1/2 water and 1/2 bleach, spray around the stencil in any pattern you desire.  Place cardboard or freezer paper inside of the shirt to prevent the bleach from soaking through to the back of the shirt. You will have more control over the design if you stand on a step stool and spray the shirt from above.  Evaluate your spray and make touch-ups as needed.  Wait 2-3 minutes and then carefully remove the freezer paper stencil from the shirt. Once the shirts have dried, toss them into the washer.  Move on to the next step after the shirts have been washed and dried.



Next I painted the arrows with gold glitter fabric paint. I did not go all the way across but rather painted the arrow as if it was behind the circle and the bird. Make sure to place something inside of the shirt so the paint does not seep though.


Once the front of the shirts were completed I moved on to the back. We used iron on adhesive, a die-cut machine, and white cloth but you can use any iron on product you want. Originally we planned on adding “District 12” to each shirt, but them I came up with the idea of selecting the best district for each person based on occupation or hobby.  I grew up fishing and love to fish so my shirt says District 4 (fishing district).  One shirt is for a friend woman who runs a large produce co-op and it says District 11 (agriculture). For a description of the different districts go here but beware of spoilers if you have not completed the series.

Here is the completed product. It took some time since we were making eight shirts while watching our kiddos but we really were satisfied with the results.

Click here for updated shirt back and a blue version as well.

DIY Hunger Games Shirts by Celebrating Family







I also lucked out since my friend Wendy is a wonderful baker and she decided to throw together some Hunger Games cupcakes for the heck of it. She made them super easy so even I could replicate them. That’s me wearing her District 9 shirt (grain district). Check out the cupcake below.  I am also including the image we used to make our mockingjay stencils.

 Hunger Games Cupcakes by Wendy at Around My Family Table

DIY Hunger Games Shirts

Here is the image for the stencil.

DIY Hunger Games Shirts

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  1. These turned out so great! Have fun on Sunday!

  2. Must admit I am a scardy cat about scary things and blood and gore so I this kind of book/movie isn’t my thing, but I had to say if I did like the movie/books I would LOVE to have one of your shirts. They turned out adorable and I think that you are going to have people wanting to buy them from you they are soooo cute! Congrats!

    • There is a lot of suspense but not too gory. I don’t like gore. I am glad I did not know what the book was about before I read it! I would have never read it. 🙂 Thanks for the compliments on the shirts!

  3. I love this shirt! Great job!

  4. debra Givens wagner says

    That looks really cool. Cant wait to read the book and see the movie, so i know what all the excitement is about!

  5. What a great idea! I’m working on some Hunger Games party ideas, would it be OK to include your shirt in the roundup?

  6. Nice, but do you have to use freezer paper and bleach, can you use wax paper and tie dye? I can’t wait for the movie!

    • I think it would work with any template and spray that changes the color of the shirt. You just have to make sure the template adheres to the shirt or you’ll get seepage under it. Let me know if it turns out for you!

  7. Very cool! I love the bleach effect.

  8. Oh my gosh, those are awesome! My sister and I are dragging our husbands with us on Wednesday to go see the movie. I am so excited – I read the two books within a week and was dying until #3 came out!

  9. Where do you get a die-cut machine??
    Is there maybe some stores that can borrow one to me??

    • I used my friend’s that she ordered from Amazon. They are expensive. Without it I probably would have hand cut the letters which would have been a pain.

  10. OK!
    Thanks for the toturial! Im gonna make the t-shirt as soon as possible!

  11. Cant wait to use it!

  12. Brandi Malone says

    This is AMAZING!! so doing this for my 12 year old- she’ll think i’m the best mom ever! thanks for the directions (:

  13. they look great! going to help my daughter and her friends make these at her birthday sleepover 🙂

  14. Is tacky the smooth and waxed side or the normal side of the freezing paper??

  15. It didn’t work at all!!!
    Maybe I just used the wrong kind of bleech? What kind of bleach did you use to get a that good resault??

    • We just used walmart bleach diluted with water 50%. We sprayed from up above the shirt. Make sure you are spraying with it on spray and not on stream. What happened to yours?

  16. Mr. Someone says

    We used chlorin and 50% water. We made shure to spray with spray, but when it dry it was still black… we then thougt it would get color from the wash, but still no resault! Maybe it was that we shouldn’t have used chlorine, but something just for bleach?

    • You have to use regular bleach. Try it again with bleach and not chlorine. As you spray the bleach/water mix you will start to see the color change right away but may have to wait a few minutes to be able to really tell how it will look. Good luck!

  17. I live about 4 minutes from the District 12 house they used in the movie.
    I tried to find a T shirt I liked, but nothing appealed to me.
    I love your project and will be making one for myself.

  18. This may be a silly question, but what is freezer paper and where do you get it? Going to make these shirtd for my daughter’s HG-themed slumber party. Thanks!

  19. michelle warner says

    this is so cool, my daughter is going to love it
    thank you

  20. I love this idea. I think I’ll make one for my son this weekend.

  21. Thank you for this tutorial. I love the shirt.


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