5 Things You Should Bring to a Hotel (That I Often Forget)

5 Things You Should Bring to a Hotel (That I Often Forget)

5 Things to Bring to a Hotel to make the trip easier and more relaxed.

I love to travel and see new places and I also enjoy staying in a nice clean hotel and being able to relax and be comfortable. Of course a hotel will never feel like home, but there are some minor things you can do that will make your hotel stay even better. These are all things I have added to my mental packing list due to really, really needing them quite often when traveling. This list of things to bring to a hotel is all about convenience but anything that makes family trips easier and more relaxed is a good idea to me.

5 Things to Bring to a Hotel

  1. Pop-up hamperThese are pretty cheap and they sure beat those little plastic laundry bags the hotels provide. It also gives an easy answer to the question “where do I put my dirty clothes?” I also bring a pop-up hamper when visiting relatives so I can keep my dirty laundry organized and separate.
  2. Anti-bacterial wipes. I am not talking baby wipes here, I mean the kind you clean with. I use these to wipe the remote, switches, toilet seats, and counters in the hotel room (or anything that looks iffy). Germs. Need I say more?
  3. Laptop cord for TV. HDMI or whatever your laptop takes. Most moderately priced hotels on up have TVs capable of being hooked up to a laptop. I love it when a hotel boasts that it has cable and in-room movies but when you get there you find 10 channels and $15 movies. Our solution is to hook the laptop up and connect with Netflix (provided there is wi-fi of course).
  4. Clothes hangers. You know you’ve been there before – 4 people in a room and 5 hangers in the closet. Toss some cheap plastic hangers in your suitcase. It will be worth making room in the suitcase.
  5. Nightlight. Hotel rooms get super dark at night. That can be scary and even dangerous in some cases. I prefer a motion activated nightlight that comes on when someone sits up in bed, but you may need one that stays on. This sure makes finding your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night easier!

Tell me something you always bring to a hotel. Happy travels to you!

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  1. Hangers!!! Yes definitely! Ran into that problem last time. These are all great suggestions.

  2. That is a great list. I always bring a big bag for dirty laundry, but I always forget about nightlights, too!

  3. Angela S says

    These are things I often forget that sure come in handy, especially for extended stays.

  4. Flip flops, no matter the time of year!! I never go on a trip without them! After you dress down for the night, it’s good to have some kind of shoes to wear to go to the ice machine, or down to the lobby for a toothbrush. If you don’t have flip flops with you, you end up wearing shoes that look silly with lounge wear. Plus, those hotel carpets can be kinda gross.

  5. I’ve never really stayed in a hotel that often and when I do it’s only for a few days at a time but these are some FANTASTIC things to remember to bring if you have more than a 2 to 3 day stay! I especially love the hamper, hangers, and HDMI cable-genius!

  6. HDMI cord – YES! We could use this on every trip to the hotel. Great tips, love this!!

  7. Amy Desrosiers says

    I totally should have brought some anti-bacterial wipes when I traveled!! Never thought of that before!

  8. I love the idea of the nightlight! the hotel room is really dark!

  9. Why the heck haven’t I thought to bring an HDMI cable before. I’m totally doing that now for Netflix. Thanks for the idea!

  10. I always bring a small surge protector that has several outlets. The hotel rooms never have enough outlets in the right places for me.

  11. I never thought of bringing a nightlight, that’s a great idea. I’ve been known to leave the bathroom light on with the door open a little.

  12. I always forget antibacterial wipes! They are such a necessity for hotel trips.

  13. I never thought of the pop up hamper. What a great idea.

  14. This is a great list. I never thought of bringing a night light. Good idea!

  15. great list line is longer! Lysol, cleaning wipes, cling wrap (for the toilet) guess I am neurotic!

  16. Oh the pop up hamper is an awesome idea!!! I would never have even thought to bring it.

  17. Believe it or not I always forget the hair dryer and shockingly a lot of hotels I stay at don’t have one! Crazy right?

  18. Hangers are a good one, I wouldn’t have thought about that. Sometimes if I know I’ll need to iron, I bring my own. Trying to get a decent iron in on a hotel one can ruin a whole trip by itself!

  19. We bring small flash lights instead of night lights, that way each kid can find there way to the potty, we have some who hate night light and some that need them, this is a good compromise.

  20. Clever! I wouldn’t have thought of a nightlight but yes!! I would also carry an extra bedsheet just in case the sheets look icky.

  21. I LOVE the hamper idea, with a family of 5 the bags don’t cut it anymore. I will be picking one of these up for our holiday this summer for sure.

  22. Slippers. I have stepped in disgusting wet mushy food left just under a bed before. I will not let anyone in my family walk around a hotel room barefoot now.

  23. that is a super list! Thanks…

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