The Redneck Bottle Opener You Already Have (And No, It's Not Your Teeth!)

The Redneck Bottle Opener You Already Have (And No, It’s Not Your Teeth!)

Car door bottle opener

I do not consume many drinks that come in a glass bottle, but a few years ago I bought some bottles of Mexican soda to bring along on an outing to the drive-in movie theaters. The kiddos were very excited until I realized that I had not brought along a bottle opener and we could not twist the bottle caps off. I did, however, have a hammer in my trunk and I spent the next 30 minutes prying the bottle caps off so we could enjoy our drinks. Fun! The next day I told my mom what had happened and she had a good laugh at my expense. Once she stopped laughing, she asked me why I had not used my car door latch to open the bottles. Suddenly, it all came rushing back to me and I remembered seeing my parents open their bottles with their car doors while we were at the river, lake, or even the drive-ins.

I just used this technique last week when I surprised my friend with a Mexican Coke (her fav). She was happy but asked me how she was supposed to open the bottle. I told her I would just run out to the parking lot and use my car door to open it. She gave me the craziest look. In case you weren’t lucky enough to be raised enjoying cold beverages opened by your car door, I bring you a tutorial on the car door bottle opener.

First, open your car door and locate your car door latch.

Car door bottle opener

The rest of the steps are easy, just check out the picture below. I even included a video for those of you who prefer to see something for yourself. Just be careful.  A rough hand may result in a broken bottle top.

Car door bottle opener

 Ah, so easy! Have you ever used a car door latch to open a bottle? Share your stories!

A note on the post titleI do not claim to be a redneck although some aspects of my upbringing were a strange mix of Rebel, Yankee, and Brit. I personally, do not see the term redneck as a negative – thanks in part to Jeff Foxworthy and Gretchen Wilson

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  1. That’s awesome! My cousins recently took me to an old fashioned soda and candy shop and we had to wait until we got home to drink the ones that weren’t twist off. Now I know for next time 🙂

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing. Great video too!

  3. Debra Wagner says

    I don’t know where my Dad got this from but we used it all the time traveling (Air Force family) in the car with four kids when all the pop was in bottles and no twist offs! I remember pulling off to the side of the road for my Mom to fix us all something to eat and opening drinks with the door!

  4. Mommy Pamela says

    I can say that I have done this, but not with soda bottles 😉 It is a good bottle opener @ parties where adults only is the focus. I am glad somebody put this on the internet because there are many people who don’t know about this “redneck” bottle opener. Thanks.

  5. andrea mackafee says

    wow…i wld never have thought of that. it makes me want to run to the market and get some soda sothe kids can try this. they will think im so smart. lol.

  6. What a great rush of memories you have brought me with this post. Thanks. 🙂

  7. Elle Briarson says

    So awesome! I miss those old Coke bottles! They had the best taste! Something about the fizz from the glass bottle, versus plastic nowadays. I LOVE your bottle opening trick & can’t wait to show my friends! 🙂

    • I agree! It tastes so much better out of glass. That is why I love Mexican Coke…it is in glass bottles and is made with sugar like when I was a kid (not HFCS)

  8. What a great idea. I wonder how desperate someone was to figure that out. Good to know though.

  9. Nena Sinclair says

    Oh yeah! Lol, I had forgotten this, I remember seeing my big brother do this when I was a little kid! Thanks for the memories! 🙂

  10. Susan Smith says

    Neat, I never thought about using this in the car to open bottles.

  11. oh WOW! what a clever and excellent idea! I haven’t think of that! I got to try this on our car too! 🙂

  12. Mitzi Fisher says

    This is such a great idea. I love bottled cokes.

  13. Maria Iemma says

    Awesome post – who knew?

  14. Amy Green says

    Cool trick! I miss bottled soda-I wish it were more popular.

  15. Young G. Good says

    Opening a bottle without the benefit of an opener is something that many aspire to, ideally suffering no chipped teeth. In fact, there are many ways to open a bottle. Almost anything, (from a household appliance to street furniture) can be used to get a bottle open. Here we explore different methods of opening bottles.

  16. NYC LASIK says

    How, how creative! 🙂 We learn something new every day 🙂