How I Clean Naturally With Non-Toxic #HeinzVinegar

How I Clean Naturally With Non-Toxic #HeinzVinegar

I cook with my household cleaner. Sometimes I grab it from under the sink and pour it right onto the food I am preparing. Before you dismiss me as crazy, you should know that my household cleaner is all natural and non-toxic white vinegar. I always keep some white vinegar in a spray bottle and it is the first thing I go for when I have a mess to clean up.

vinegar as a household cleaner

I have been told by more than one person that I am obsessed with vinegar. But the truth is that I am obsessed with keeping my house as non-toxic as I can. When my oldest child started to crawl I realized that it might not be wise to spray harsh chemicals all over the floor his hands were touching on a daily basis. Then I started to reconsider many of my cleaning choices.  I ended up choosing a cleaning agent that many of our grandmothers used: white vinegar.

I discovered that the list of ways to use white vinegar as a household cleaner was seemingly endless.  Adding some vinegar to the final rinse when washing cloth diapers strips them of soap residue. Putting 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water into a carpet cleaner not only cleans the carpet but also leaves it feeling softer.  It can also clean mirrors, tile floors, and counter-tops. Here are some common ways I clean with white vinegar.

what i clean with white vinegar

I recently stopped by Walmart to buy some of the new Heinz Cleaning Vinegar so that I could try it out. Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is more concentrated than regular white vinegar and is a non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning product. It is sold right in the same section as the standard food vinegar. Look at all the vinegar I found at Walmart! The Heinz Cleaning Vinegar was easy to spot with its bright green label. You can see my whole shopping experience here.

variety of vinegar

I bought some of the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar and took it home to fill up my spray bottles. I keep three spray bottles loaded with vinegar: one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and one in the laundry area. It is a quick and easy way to be ready to clean with vinegar. I advise that you use a food grade funnel to pour the vinegar into the spray bottle so that you don’t waste any and spill it everywhere.


Now here comes the fun part – the part where I clean! For the purposes of this review I cleaned my floor and a bathroom mirror. I drew a toothpaste smiley face on the mirror and sprayed it with undiluted Heinz Cleaning Vinegar and then wiped it clean.

cleaning bathroom mirror with #heinzvinegar

In my opinion, the most important thing I clean with vinegar is my floor.  My kids walk on, lay on, and unfortunately eat off of my floor. I do not want anything toxic anywhere near the floor. Vinegar is safe for the kiddos to walk on and even eat. What is also wonderful is the fact that it cleans the floor so well. The Heinz Cleaning Vinegar cut right through the dirt and grime on my kitchen floor. All I do is spray the floor with my vinegar-filled spray bottle as I go along with either my mop or on my hands and knees with a towel.

cleaning the floor with #heinzvinegar

One cleaning trip that I love is to sprinkle baking soda on difficult areas such as soap scum and hard water spots and then spray the areas with vinegar. The reaction is immediate and it cuts through tough spots better than any other cleaner I have tried. The best part? No caustic fumes!

I am setting an example for my children and they already understand the reasons for choosing natural products. I feel good about the fact that they are not being exposed to unnecessary chemical residues at home. Cleaning with vinegar is a safe choice for families and it also leaves your house squeaky clean.  What could be better?

squeaky clean cleaning with #heinzvinegar

Squeaky-clean and safe cleaning with #heinzvinegar




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  1. debra Givens wagner says

    I too use vinegarto clean! Just used it on the coffe machone at work the other day and now it brews so fast

  2. Auntie Pam says

    Wow! I only thought vinegar was for cooking. Boy I feel like I have been living under a rock. Thanks for the awesome tips and keep em coming!

  3. I love that, I pour it right on my foods! I use vinegar too. It cleans fantastic.

  4. I love cleaning with White vinegar! It is the best at cleaning windows, and it never leaves streaks! I also love using it on hard water build up, and as a rinse agent in my dishwasher. It helps the dishes dry faster and also cleans the dishwasher at the same time.

  5. I love using white vineger for cleaning and just started hearing about the special brand of Heinz cleaning vinegar – I want to check it out!

  6. We already use natural products for cleaning, but it’s amazing to see how well vinegar can work in cleaning the house. I may have to switch because it would be much more cost effective!

  7. Kristyn Kilcullen says

    How did i not know about cleaning with white vinegar before? I must try using this method from now on! thank you 🙂 [-p

  8. WOW, how I love your cleaning experiments. Everything looks so sparkly…squeaky clean for sure!!! Thanks for all the info…it will make my cleaning better!! Great post!!!

  9. I’m right with you. I had my aha moment just a few weeks back myself!

  10. I’m right with you. I had my aha moment just a few weeks back myself!z

  11. It’s amazing what you can do with vinegar, the possibilities are endless!!

  12. Nancy Hilderbrand says

    I have used white vinegar for years but never noticed the one basically for cleaning.

  13. Kristie Betts says

    Wow I have used white vinegar for so many years and not once did I think of cleaning mirrors or even the tile on our floor.

    Thanks for the tips and I’m going to be testing this out on tile floor that never seem to look clean.

  14. Lindsay Lee says

    I clean almost everything with baking soda and vinegar too! I didn’t know that the Heinz vinegar was better than any of the other brands. I just get the generic brand but from here on out I will get the Heinz. Thanks for the helpful information!!!

  15. Heather Diotte says

    Vinegar is becoming more and more of a staple in everyone’s home today, and it’s a great eco-friendly choice when it comes to cleaning products!