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Fall Popcorn Centerpiece

I am so excited about being able to take part in Around My Family Table’s Popcorn Month.  My contribution to the event is a simple yet eye-catching, fall popcorn centerpiece. This is so easy that the kiddos can make it all by themselves.  Head on over and check it out. Click here or on the teaser picture to […]

Diabetes and Oral Care – Creating a Healthy Tips Oral Care Basket With Colgate Total

Several people I love have diabetes.  Chances are that you know someone with diabetes, too.  I have always felt that I knew  lot about diabetes but I did not know that it could affect a person’s oral health. It makes sense that it could.  In fact, if you have diabetes, you are two times more likely to develop gum disease.  Colgate is working to spread awareness of this connection […]

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes Made With Ambiance Coffee

I was recently challenged to make a non-drink recipe using coffee.  As you may know, I already use coffee in my chocolate pudding recipe but I had not used it in anything else. The first idea that came to mind was to alter the chocolate cake recipe that I make and substitute hot brewed coffee for the boiled water the recipe calls for. I took myself down to Smart and […]

Joshua Trees: Proof God Has a Sense of Humor and It Is Beautiful

Ah, the Joshua tree. Beautiful in a Dr. Suess sort of way.  Officially known as a Yucca brevifolia, it is part of the agave family.  Taken alone they are not that impressive, but as soon as you stand in the middle of a forest of Joshua trees, you have to pause and take it in. Some of my family lives in the middle of these Joshua trees and […]

Start Simple, Start Right – Kellogg’s Cereal for Breakfast

I love cereal and it is definitely one of my top 5 favorite foods. I tend to go for the healthier cereals and my kids love them, too. Before I had kids I was known to eat cereal for dinner several nights a week by choice. These days I usually only eat cereal for breakfast or as […]

Kindle Fire Giveaway (10/24)

I am so excited to be part of this Kindle Fire giveaway. Maybe you have always wanted a Kindle Fire or maybe you would love to give one to someone special this Christmas. This giveaway event is a little different than the ones I usually join but the prize and the sponsor are so good I […]

DIY Hunger Games Shirts Update (New Backs and Color)

I had a blast making these DIY Hunger Games shirts with my friend Wendy several months back. However, the iron on details on the back of the shirt came off way too quickly and I was left with a mess that I couldn’t wear. Originally I simply pulled the lettering off but that ended up looking terrible so I knew I had to come up […]

Oscar’s Oasis: Wonderful Gem We Found on Netflix

Every once in a while we stumble upon something on Netflix that we just love. The latest find is a little show called Oscar’s Oasis. This show is hilarious and the kids are often seen rolling around on the floor laughing while watching Oscar try to survive life in the desert. The show has no dialogue and is reminiscent of the […]

The Three Words You Never Want to Hear

The three words you never want to hear are “You have cancer.” What might even be worse for some is hearing the three words “I have cancer” from someone you love. I have lost loved ones to cancer and had others in my family affected by the terrible poison of cancer. My father in-law Tom was an amazing man who died […]

How I Clean Naturally With Non-Toxic #HeinzVinegar

I cook with my household cleaner. Sometimes I grab it from under the sink and pour it right onto the food I am preparing. Before you dismiss me as crazy, you should know that my household cleaner is all natural and non-toxic white vinegar. I always keep some white vinegar in a spray bottle and it is the first thing I go for when I have a […]

Fun, Crafty, and Delicious Fall Inspiration

Fall is a special time around here. As much as the kiddos love summer, it is just too hot to do much. Maybe that is why I love fall so much; it ushers out summer and brings a return to outdoor activities. It also leads to the holiday season. In celebration of fall I wanted to share some of my favorite fall […]

Healing is a Choice (Book Review)

They say that time heals all wounds. They lie. Time alone heals nothing.  It is what you do with that time that makes the difference. Time alone can actually make a wound worse. If you have ever had a minor cut or scrape that got infected and left it untreated then you know what I am talking about. Without […]