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Delicious Zucchini Bread

Zucchini is a seriously underrated vegetable. I have never met a zucchini that I didn’t like and although I usually eat it in a healthful dish, I simply cannot resist zucchini bread. Even though zucchini is really a summer vegetable, baking breads is something I enjoy doing in the fall since only crazy people turn their ovens on during summers in this […]

Celebrate Fall With a $20 Starbucks Giftcard Giveaway! (10/05)

Saturday is the first day of fall, my favorite season. To celebrate, Wendy from Around My Family Table  and I have joined forces to bring you this awesome giveaway. How does a $20 gift card to Starbucks sound? Be sure to enter using the Rafflecopter Form below. Good luck! GIVEAWAY OVER

Alzheimer’s Research and a Cure: How You Can Help

Take a moment and think about the person you love the most. Now imagine that person forgetting who you are. As we age, we all lose some of our mental sharpness, but with Alzheimer’s disease the toll is much larger. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, but it is important to remember that it is not a normal […]

Forgiving My Imperfect Parents

I didn’t have the most stable and functional childhood in history, of that I am sure. But I have come to realize that is really doesn’t matter. Well, not much anyway. I know so many people who still blame their parents for how their adult lives turned out and who still hold grudges against their […]

Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain (Review and Giveaway) (09/22)

We love pizza around here…who doesn’t? My kiddos are regular pizza engineers and they love to build this cheesy treat. I recently got the opportunity to try Pillsbury’s new Artisan Pizza Crust which has whole grain.  I usually try to make my food from scratch, but I find that using pre-made pizza dough saves a ton of time. Since […]

Mommy’s Escape Giveaway – Win a Keurig and a Kindle Fire (10/05)

Giveaway ended.

Mega Gift Card Giveaway (09/30)

Welcome to the Mega Gift Card Giveaway! Celebrating Family has teamed up with Smarty Saver, The Frugal Free Gal, For Him and My Family, ShopaholicMommy, Sensational Savings with Alis  and other awesome blogs to give all our readers the chance to win some gift cards! FOUR LUCKY WINNERS will receive a $100 gift card of their choice. The winners will be able […]

Army Wife Humor and Inspiration Via Pinterest

I found these over on Pinterest and had to share.  I am an Army wife and can relate to so many of these. Which one is your favorite?  

How to Run Faster Than That Voice in Your Head

These are my big ol’ size 9.5 feet. These feet have taken me far as an athlete. They have helped me land gracefully when I ran hurdles, helped me stay balanced on rocky hiking trails, and begrudgingly helped me cross the finish line in my only half marathon run.  But these days the hardest work they do is help carry around my extra 20 […]

Barbie Fashion Show at My House

Having a daughter really changed my life. Even though I was obviously a little girl myself once, I am perpetually surprised at how much my daughter already cares about fashion and  style. What she wears really matters to her and she enjoys dressing up.  In our family we are big on modesty and emphasizing inner beauty, but this mom has to […]

Extreme Cash Giveaway ($500)

Welcome to the August Extreme Cash Giveaway! Celebrating Family has teamed up with Oh My Gosh Beck!, Life With Levi, Broward Saves, My Vegan Gluten Free Life, ShopaholicMommy, Coupon For Five and other awesome blogs to give all our readers the chance to win a huge cash prize! This giveaway runs for a whole month, so you will have plenty of time to […]

Guacamole Chipotle Style

This is the guacamole that made me love guacamole.  I spent years abhorring anything with avocados but have recently been converted into an avocado lover. My favorite guacamole recipe is a very delicious copycat of Chipotle’s guacamole. I found this recipe online at www.chipotlefan.com. The recipe below makes about 1 cup or so, depending on the size of the […]