Choose Your Own Gift Card $20 Giveaway (1/31)

Choose Your Own Gift Card $20 Giveaway (1/31)

Choose Your Own Gift Card Giveaway

Happy birthday to me! To celebrate my birthday Celebrating Family and Around My Family Table are teaming up to give away a gift card. Which gift card is up to you. If you win you get to choose a $20 gift card from Starbucks, Walmart, Amazon, Target, or Dutch Brothers. So go ahead and enter to win and spread the word about this giveaway! Good luck!


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I am so glad you stopped by. Kick your shoes off and hang with me a while. I am an Arizona native, wife to a hard-working hubby, mom of two, and daughter of the King. I love sharing recipes, crafts, and family activities that any mom can do. Life is complicated enough, right? When I am not up to my ears in laundry, dishes, and creating for Celebrating Family, you will also find me at East Valley Mom Guide. Come follow me on Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.


  1. I would pick Target gift card.

  2. Amazon for sure

  3. Amazon would be perfect

  4. terri tillman says

    i would pick the walmart card.

  5. Michelle Pickett says

    I would like one for amazon 🙂

  6. Amazon gift card

  7. Lisa Brown says

    Walmart would be nice

  8. Debra Wagner says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I would prefer an Amazon card!

  9. caitlin tate says

    target would be nice

  10. enlightened1969 says

    i would choose the target card

  11. I would choose Amazon

  12. emily rangel says

    Id pick walmart

  13. I would pick the walmart.

  14. Adrienne gordon says

    I’d get starbucks

  15. I need this!

  16. caitlinrmcclure says

    I’d choose Amazon!

  17. I would choose a Target gift card.

  18. Amazon for sure.

  19. I’d pick amazon

  20. steve weber says

    Amazon would be my choice.

  21. Margaret Smith says

    I’d love Amazon. Thanks so much.

  22. I would choose amazon.

  23. Erica Barnes says

    I’d pick Walmart or Starbucks.

  24. Sandra K321 says

    I would choose Amazon because I buy so much on there.

  25. Pamela Wells says

    I would spend it at

  26. I’d probably get Amazon, thanks!

  27. I would choose Amazon.

  28. either Amazon or Target

  29. I would probably choose Amazon!

  30. I would choose walmart.

  31. danielle lima says

    Target or Starbucks

  32. I would choose Starbucks.

  33. amy pugmire says

    I would love the amazon please 🙂

  34. I would pick Target

  35. I would choose amazon

  36. Ann Fantom says

    If I won, I would choose the Target GC

  37. diana shenderovich says

    my son loves starbucks

  38. Jennifer G says

    Have to go with Target

  39. I would choose Amazon.

  40. I would pick a Walmart gift card.

  41. yanelis martinez says

    i would pick walmart

  42. Jennifer B says

    i would love target

  43. ryan minton says

    i would choose a target card

  44. CATHY TRUMAN says


  45. Amazon! My favorite store ever!

  46. kelly nicholson says

    If you win, which gift card would you most likely choose?

    walmart or target

  47. I’d choose Walmart.

  48. I gotta have my Starbucks

  49. soha molina says

    I;d choose Amazon

  50. tricia dunkle says

    Dutch bros for my hubby 🙂

  51. definitely the amazon card

  52. I think Amazon!

  53. Target for sure!

  54. Target so I could use the card for household needs.

  55. I’d probably choose Starbucks

  56. I’d choose Target

  57. Tari Lawson says

    I would choose Amazon.

  58. Katie Contests says

    More than likely I would choose the Amazon gc!

  59. I would choose amazon

  60. i would choose target

  61. Amazon; I likes me some books…

  62. I would choose Target

  63. I would like the Target card.

  64. Amazon

  65. Theresa Shafer says

    Happy Birthday and may you and yours be blessed.

    tes 1283 yahoo

  66. LOIS PAYTON says

    I would choose walmart, GOD BLESS YA’LL

  67. target or walmart

  68. Amazon so my son can by books.

  69. walmart

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  70. gabbflabber says

    amazon probably would be my best choice and thanks

  71. I would pick amazon


    I’d choose the Target card

  73. I would pick Target!

  74. I would choose Amazon

  75. John Stetson says

    I’d choose the Amazon card, lot’s of stuff I want on there.

  76. Jenny Cope says

    Walmart to help my parents with thier groceries

  77. I would pick the amazon

  78. I’d pick Amazon.

  79. I’d choose Target.

  80. Mary Withrow says

    Amazon or Walmart either one would be fantastic!!! Thank you

  81. I love starbucks…need my coffee

  82. Margie Young says

    I would choose the Target card !! Love shopping at Target .

  83. I would use the Amazon the most.

  84. I would choose Walmart

  85. I would choose the Starbucks. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win 🙂 Thanks !!!

  86. I would choose Target.

  87. I would choose Target

  88. I’d choose the Target gift card.

  89. Mary Calabrese says

    I would pick a Target card.

  90. Janine McNally says

    I would chose walmart

  91. Amazon for sure

  92. Monique Rizzo says

    I love Target.
    Thanks for the change.

  93. Amazon. They have everything!

  94. casey everidge says

    i would choose amazon

  95. I would choose Target

  96. I would choose Target.

  97. I’d choose Target as we shop there most often.

  98. Nicholas Walls says

    I would prefer a Target Gift Card!! I love their awesome merchandise their on everything!! Great Store!! One of my favorites!!

  99. Stephanie Larison says

    I would pick Walmart

  100. I would probably go with Amazon! 🙂

  101. I think I’d pick Target! I <3 Target! 🙂

  102. Beth Gallinger says

    I would pick Amazon.

  103. Angela Calavicci says

    I would pick target

  104. Happy birthday! I’d choose Walmart if I won

  105. I would pick or maybe Walmart!

  106. Lori Dunbar says

    I LOVE Target! Good Luck to all!

  107. Lori Dunbar says

    I LOVE Target! Good Luck to all!

  108. christine jessamine says

    i would love starbucks

  109. Mary Casper says

    I would choose walmart because I shop there the most

  110. Theron Willis says

    I’d choose Amazon.

  111. I would choose the Amazon card. thank you!

  112. Kristi Gilleland says

    I would pick the Amazon card. Thank you!

  113. i would choose amazon

  114. I would pick Target

  115. Starbucks or Target

  116. I’d pick amazon

  117. jessica edwards says

    most likely amazon

  118. Amazon would be my first choice.

  119. Amazon! You can buy pretty much anything there!

  120. linda lansford says

    I want walmart

  121. Kyl Neusch says

    would love to win walmart!

  122. amazon
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  123. I would choose walmart!!

  124. I would probably choose Walmart since I can get almost anything there.

  125. I’d choose Target. I shop there often.

  126. I would choose Walmart

  127. merry partridge says

    target is the best.

  128. I would choose Target.

  129. I’d pick the Walmart GC!

  130. Belinda Shaw says

    I would choose Amazon.

  131. Jessica Vaughan Gengler says

    I would pick Wal Mart

  132. I think I would pick the Target gift card.

  133. I’d choose Amazon so I could put a dent in my wishlist.

  134. Walmart or Target!

  135. Cody Anderson says

    Walmart is what I would pick.

  136. Jacob LaFountaine says

    I’d go with Amazon

  137. Karen Glatt says

    Please! I want to win a Dutch Brothers Card! They make such delicious coffee!

  138. Gina Bowers says

    I would like the Walmart card, I love my amazon but it’s time for groceries 🙂

  139. Starbucks would surprize my hubby

  140. Target all the way!

  141. DAN VERMEULEN says


  142. I would choose target.

  143. alyce poalillo says

    I would like the Amazon GC

  144. Rich Hicks says

    walmart for me!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  145. I would choose Target 🙂

  146. WalMart is the card I would choose. It is the only store close to my house.

  147. I would pick amazon

  148. I’d choose the Amazon card.

  149. I’d choose amazon. Thanks for hosting!

  150. Christina Y. says

    I would get the Walmart gift card.

  151. weepforsweep says

    amazon will be my choice

  152. I would choose the Amazon

  153. I would choose Target.

  154. Lucy Schwartz says

    Practicality be gone, give me the Starbuck’s card.

  155. I would choose Walmart for the value.

  156. I would pick target!

  157. Lisa Garner says

    I would choose Wal-Mart!

  158. kismetchris says

    I’d choose Walmart or Amazon and be thrilled to win.

  159. Jill Myrick says

    I would choose Target.


  160. Sheila Hickmon says

    I would choose the Amazon gift card!

  161. amazonnnnn defff i love amazon

  162. Veronica L says

    I would love to have the giftcard to Target 🙂

  163. I would choose Target

  164. i’d choose amazon

  165. Target would be my first choice!

  166. I would choose Target

  167. Amazon. There are some things I’ve been wanting there.

  168. Desiree Dunbar says

    I’d love Amazon.

  169. I would choose Target!

  170. Gennie Lancaster says

    I will chose Walmart because I can always get stuff I need for my daughter there.

  171. Amazon gift card.

  172. Walmart. For some necessary household items.

  173. giveaway gal says

    Target would be nice

  174. Tommy Coughran says

    I would like walmart please

  175. Walmart would be great.

  176. I would pick Amazon

  177. Jessica Rose says

    Totally would pick Wal-Mart

  178. Derrick Chatman says

    I would pick Walmart

  179. I would choose Target

  180. I would get the WalMart

  181. i would get the target card

  182. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  183. the walmart gift card

  184. Mary Cloud says

    I’d choose Walmart
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  185. Tough choice! I’d probably choose Starbucks since that’s my vice 🙂

  186. Paula Michele Hafner says

    Amazon. It’s my favorite online store.

  187. Debra Hall says

    i love amazon

  188. I would have to go for Walmart.

  189. Probably Target because I shop there all the time.

  190. Target for me.

  191. I’d pick Amazon

  192. I would probably chose Amazon. They have everything!

  193. Target Gift Card

  194. Terri Moore says

    If i won I would choose the Starbucks card and give it to my dear husband who is often on the road for his job.

  195. Judy Estrin says

    I would select Amazon.

  196. samiialexxis5691 says

    I would choose the Walmart GC

  197. Aimee Fontenot says

    I would choose Walmart if I won because I shop there almost every day.

  198. Amazon or Target would be great

  199. tracey byram says

    I would choose the Walmart card.

  200. Daniel Scott says

    I would choose the Amazon Card. Thank you for this opportunity.

  201. Target. Thanks for the giveaway.

  202. Melanie Montgomery says

    The target one!

  203. crystal allen says

    i would love walmart thanks

  204. Target because that’s where I get all my household stuff

  205. The Target gift card 🙂

  206. I would probably choose Walmart.

  207. rochelle johnson says

    the target one, thanks

  208. Target for all my baby goodies!

  209. Probably the Walmart.

  210. I’d go for Amazon. I’m saving up for a Nintendo Wii right now.

  211. I would pick best buy

  212. Charlene Shaver says

    I’d choose Amazon, it’s my favorite place to shop 🙂

  213. I would choose starbucks

  214. I would choose the amazing gift card.

  215. I would choose Walmart.

  216. I would choose target

  217. I would choose amazon

  218. susan smoaks says

    i would choose the amazon gift card

  219. I’d probably choose Amazon

  220. I would pick Target.

  221. pam saighman says

    walmart gift card

  222. amy deeter says

    I would choose walmart

  223. Betty Antibus says

    I would choose Amazon

  224. I will choose amazon!

  225. Virginia Rowell says

    I would choose Amazon!

  226. I would choose amazon!!!!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  227. I’d pick Walmart


  229. mary gardner says


    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  230. Carolyn Daley says

    I would love the $20 Amazon gift card

  231. I would choose the Target GC

  232. I would choose Target

  233. cassandra mccann says

    amazon gc would be great but walmart would be fine to whatever is easier to get

  234. Danielle Wood says

    I would probably choose walmart

  235. id choose the starbucks

  236. i’d choose walmart, please!

  237. I would definitely choose Target!

  238. Annemarie Z. says

    I would love the Target gift card!

  239. Jennifer J says

    I’d choose the Amazon gift card.

  240. Gotta go with Amazon, my favorite one-stop shop!

  241. I’d pick Amazon

  242. i would choose walmart 🙂

  243. Michelle H. says

    I would choose Target.

  244. I would choose Walmart

  245. Probably Walmart, since I spend SO much money there every month!

  246. Michelle Tucker says

    I’d pick walmart if it’s an actual card so I can buy groceries with it.

  247. I’d choose Target

  248. I would choose Walmart!

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