MorningStar Farms Veggie Burgers

Keep Calm and Grill On With MorningStar Farms Veggie Burgers

MorningStar Farms Veggie Burgers

Did you eat too much this holiday season? Are you still being faithful to those New Year’s Resolutions you made about eating better?  With the NFL play-offs and Super Bowl coming up you are likely to face some tough food choices at barbecues and other gatherings. When MorningStar Farms contacted me about sharing their products with my readers I very quickly said yes. I am a huge fan of MorningStar Farms and since I am a flexitarian I regularly buy their products. Even if you are not a vegetarian, these veggie burgers are a tasty alternative to traditional burgers as they have less fat and fewer calories than their beefy counterparts. You don’t even have to fire up the grill to make these burgers, they can also be prepared in the microwave, stove top, or in the oven.

MorningStar Farms veggie burgers are truly amazing. I especially love their Grillers Prime and my friends and family know that if they invite me to a BBQ I will show up with a box of them. MorningStar Farms sent me a booklet of amazing recipes to use with their 11 varieties of meatless burgers, however I already have a favorite way to prepare my burger. Now don’t judge me but I prepare my veggie burger pretty much like your standard burger, with one exception – I add some crunched up tortilla chips. There are almost always tortilla chips at a barbecue so this is an easy addition to my veggie burger.

MorningStar Farms Veggie Burgers

MorningStar Farms sent me a fun kit which included a Barbeque Talk apron, Keep Calm and Grill On framed print and product coupons (for free product!).

MorningStar Farms Veggie Burgers

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  1. Honestly no , I haven’t tried any of their products , But this year , I m pledged to go meatless most of the days , so sooner or later , i ll have to try them 🙂 thank u for the chance to win !

  2. Yes, I have, and I really like them.

  3. Yes I have tried their “chicken” nuggets, they were good!

  4. Our family probably got Morningstar Farms off the ground, we eat it so much 😉

  5. Yes, I have.

  6. Debra Wagner says

    The first time I tried a veggie burger, I was amazed! I thought I was eating a beef burger until my grandson told me! It was very good.

  7. Debra Wagner says

    So, yes I have tried and my father used to eat the breakfast veggie sausages and liked them too

  8. michael.capp says

    Yes, used to eat the veggie chicken patties

  9. I LOVE Morningstar farms. I eat their veggie burgers all of the time for lunch on a 100% whole wheat sandwich round with all the fixings or just by themselves. They’re very yummy and filling and low points for weight watchers!

  10. I’ve tried lots of their products. THe burgers are good and so is their bacon

  11. Yes, I have tried and liked their crumbles!

  12. Teressa Morris says

    I love their grillers and their appetizers.

  13. Alicia Keen says

    yes eating one now actually!

  14. yes I have tried

  15. I haven’t tried any.

  16. Mary Cloud says

    I’ve tried them once
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  17. anita lewis says

    I buy these occasionally.

  18. Paula Michele Hafner says

    Not yet I haven’t.

  19. I love Morning Star Stuff! Delicious!

  20. Never tried morning star products

  21. I haven’t yet tried morningstar.

  22. I tried and love them

  23. No have not tried them

  24. I’ve never had any of their veggie burgers but they have a breakfast sausage that’s really good.

  25. I have not tried any of the MorningStar Farms products.

  26. No, I have never tried their products.

  27. no I haven’t tried any as of yet

  28. I have tried and they are very good

  29. Ttrockwood says

    We love the veggie burgers and breakfast sausages

  30. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    i have tried a few of them but it has been awhile back
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  31. Robert Pyszk says

    yes I have tried a few and I love every one of them 🙂

  32. Allison Downes says

    I have not

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  33. i have and they are pretty tasty….thanks

  34. I have tried the corn dogs and they were pretty good.

  35. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m looking forward to it!

  36. yes, I LOVE Morningstar Farm products.

  37. Mommy Pamela! says

    The first time I actually tried one of these veggie patties I was very skeptical! But, I was open minded and to my surprise it was very tasty and moist. I like to eat so I doubled my patties and added cheese 😉 yummy!

  38. Paula Tavernie says

    No have never tried!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  39. Jennifer B. says

    I’ve tried several Morning Star Products. I particularly like their corn dogs as a yummy treat.

  40. I’ve tried the riblets, they are really good

  41. caitlinrmcclure says

    nope not yet

  42. susan smoaks says

    no, i haven’t tried any of their products yet, but trying to go vegetarian so this would be a nice start!

  43. I have not tried morningstar products.

  44. Yes I have

  45. I have not tried them but I have heard they are good!

  46. Crystal Lamb says

    No, I haven’t tried it but would like to.

  47. Michelle Tucker says

    Yes, but it’s been a while.

  48. I have had them before, but not for a few years now 🙁

  49. I love Morning Star products, I use them all the time!!!

  50. I really enjoy Morningstar products- my favorite is their breakfast patties. They have a maple syrup taste that is so good!

  51. Rachel Beltz says

    I have tried almost all of them! I love MorningStar and their products are a part of my daily diet!! 🙂

  52. Jill Kornberg Schmitz says

    Never had them but they sound yummy

  53. I have tried the corndogs, they were good.

  54. I have never tried these

  55. I’ve tried their chicken nuggets. Thanks for this contest.

  56. No, I have never tried them.

  57. Yes, I have.


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