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Pan Necklace Craft

Peter Pan is an old tale that generations have enjoyed. Who doesn’t love this story with pixies, pirates, magic, endless childhood, and flying adventures? With the release of the newest movie telling of the story, Pan, your kiddos will be sure to want a necklace like the one in the movie. I made a some pan necklaces […]

Marvel’s Ant-Man

I did not grow up reading comic books like my husband did, so the first time I ever heard of Ant-Man was when my kiddos started watching a few animated Marvel Avengers series. The name Ant-Man does not exactly strike fear into anyone’s soul and it seemed a little bit silly when I first heard […]

Disney’s Cinderella (2015)

Before there was Elsa and Anna, there was Cinderella. The story is known to all, but still intrigues and delights the masses, especially little girls (and their mothers, too). Disney’s newest Cinderella movie is a live action film that stays true to the story we love, but also updates and expands on it. There is […]

McFarland USA – A Movie You Do Not Want to Miss

When my seven-year-old daughter and I sat down to watch Disney’s McFarland USA I had no idea what I was in for. I had not seen a preview and I gathered from the movie poster that the movie was about running. Since I love both Disney and running, I figured I would probably like the movie. […]

The BoxTrolls: Non-Stop, Stop-Motion Fun

I recently had the privilege of previewing The Boxtrolls, a stop-motion animated adventure based on Alan Snow’s novel Here Be Monsters!  I have not read the book and had no idea what to expect but I knew I was in for something interesting because The BoxTrolls was created by the same people who created Coraline and […]

Six Classic Live Action Disney Movies Your Family Will Love

I am a sucker for the classics, in both literature and on the silver screen. I love the feel of older movies and love sharing them with my children. Sometimes the movies I remember loving as a kid fall flat with my kiddos. However, many of my favorites have made their way into my children’s […]

The Croods Movie Review

From the first time my family saw a preview for the movie The Croods, my kiddos wanted to see it. I, however, was not interested. I am not into the whole caveman dynamic, in fact I find it quite annoying. But when the opportunity to see this movie at an early screening came up, I decided to take the kiddos to […]

2012 Holiday Season Movie Preview

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the movies. The recent shooting at the Aurora theater was a terrible act and caused so much tragedy for so many families. We just went to the movies yesterday and I couldn’t help but think about those movie fans who lost their lives in the theater. […]