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McFarland USA – A Movie You Do Not Want to Miss

When my seven-year-old daughter and I sat down to watch Disney’s McFarland USA I had no idea what I was in for. I had not seen a preview and I gathered from the movie poster that the movie was about running. Since I love both Disney and running, I figured I would probably like the movie. […]

I Did It! Pat’s Run 2013

I have been struggling to get back into running after I developed a knee injury a few years ago and I am pleased to say that I just ran in the 9th Annual Pat’s Run. I have wanted to participate in Pat’s Run for years but always had a reason why I couldn’t. As an Arizona State University alumni and an Army wife, this race holds special meaning to me so I made […]

How to Run Faster Than That Voice in Your Head

These are my big ol’ size 9.5 feet. These feet have taken me far as an athlete. They have helped me land gracefully when I ran hurdles, helped me stay balanced on rocky hiking trails, and begrudgingly helped me cross the finish line in my only half marathon run.  But these days the hardest work they do is help carry around my extra 20 […]

Running Motivation Memes

I ran this week after a 2 year hiatus from running. My last run was a half marathon in which I messed up my knees. But after a lot of physical therapy I am proud to say I am running again.  Okay, I ran one mile twice this week, but hey, that’s a start!  I am feeling […]

No More Excuses Fat Girl!

Okay, I admit that calling myself a fat girl is not exactly the kind of self-talk that makes one healthy. Well, maybe it is. I mean, if calling it like it is gets me up and moving then maybe that kind of talk will make me healthy. Of course, there are many who would say […]