No More Excuses Fat Girl!

No More Excuses Fat Girl!

Okay, I admit that calling myself a fat girl is not exactly the kind of self-talk that makes one healthy. Well, maybe it is. I mean, if calling it like it is gets me up and moving then maybe that kind of talk will make me healthy. Of course, there are many who would say I am not fat. But the fact is according to everyone’s favorite height and weight charts I am in the overweight category by 10 pounds. That might not seem like much to some of you and it might be disgusting to others, but to me it is simply unacceptable.

Although I have been up and down on the scales a couple times in my life, I am usually healthy and athletic. However, I hurt my knees during a half marathon 2 years ago and haven’t run since. I did a short stint with 30 Day Shred but gave that up when it hurt my knees further. So basically, for the last 1.5 years I have done little to nothing as far as excercise goes. And it shows. I have never been a skinny girl but the physical changes I have seen this last year have me down. If you have a jiggle and a muffin-top then maybe you know what I mean.  But it is more than the weight that is getting me down, it is the lack of energy, lack of motivation, stress, and the possible future medical problems that are getting to me.

So I thought I would take this new year as a chance to jump on the bandwagon with all the other “lose weight in 2012” people.  I want to get back to healthy.  I want to run around with my kids without getting winded.  I want to keep my risk of diabetes, heart problems, and cancer in check.  I want to feel athletic again.  That lady in the picture up there is me near the end of my half marathon.  I want to feel that elation again.  I was dog tired in that moment but I was also on top of the world. Lately I have just been on top of my computer chair.  So I say again “No more excuses fat girl!”



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  1. debra Givens wagner says

    To me you look fabulous, however I hope you loose your 10 pounds and feel great about it. I on the other hand need to loose 30-40 pounds! Ugh I used my Ab Circle three days ago and my sides still hurt!! I will use again today just not as long, haha I WILL whittle my middle.

    • Thanks mom. I need to lose more than 10. Ten lbs gets me to the top of my suggested weight range and I need to be closer to the middle. Ugh.

  2. Karen Greenberg says

    I know how having a long term injury can affect you getting back into exercise. After complications with shingles in March I was left with some damage to my feet and legs. I haven’t been able to exercise for 9 months now, and it is driving me insane! I’m happy for you that you are going to be trying again. Don’t forget to start slow and ENJOY what you are doing! Best wishes to you.

  3. Auntie Pam says

    I know how it feels to be 10 pounds overweight. It may not seem like a lot, but if it makes you feel uncomftorable I feel it should be shed. However, it is 15-20 for me (YIKES). Thankfully, I am sore from working out. I love the way exercise makes me feel! Goodluck

  4. I WISH I had only 10 lbs to lose. But good luck to you.

    But I have to say it is NOT fair to show that yummy looking muffin, which of course is what got my attention in the first place, maybe that is why I have more than 10lbs to lose.

  5. I am confident you can make the changes necessary. Take a look at the book ‘Eat to Live’ by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. This book has changed my life. While I am not as gung ho as I was it has helped me make changes that benefit my health even if I do indulge from time to time. Good Luck!

    • Thanks. I will check it out. I usually eat healthy and am a vegetarian, but lately I have been a mess nutritionally. Yikes. I need to get it together!

  6. Can totally relate!! 10 lbs and I’d feel pretty good again. 15 and I’d be at goal and ecstatic! 🙂

  7. Dorothy Boucher says

    i am working on myself, day to day, i have a huge goal for myself but i will only do what i can for that day no more. i just don’t want to get to the point that i just feel like giving up on my weight loss goal

  8. I myself need to lose some weight but I decided to do that after the holidays. This season is just too tempting and there are glorious foods everywhere. Most people say that the diet also plays an important part in losing weight. What kind of diet are you planning to go through? Have you ever tried any diet plans before?

  9. I’m wishing you the best of luck and great health 🙂 I myself have put on weight since my hips and lower-back got hurted half a year ago and now i feel really uncomfy in my skin. So I must do something about it ASAP 🙂


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