Pan Necklace Craft

Pan Necklace Craft

Pan Necklace Craft  Celebrating FamilyPeter Pan is an old tale that generations have enjoyed. Who doesn’t love this story with pixies, pirates, magic, endless childhood, and flying adventures? With the release of the newest movie telling of the story, Pan, your kiddos will be sure to want a necklace like the one in the movie. I made a some pan necklaces for just a few dollars worth of supplies and it was pretty easy to do.

Follow these steps and make your own pan necklace. When you are finished, check out the nine other fabulous Pan crafts, prints, drinks, and treats below!

Pan Necklace Craft

Items Needed 

  • 5 drinking straws
  • Masking tape
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Silver, metallic acrylic paint
  • Small brushes
  • Mod Podge (optional)
  • Waxed cotton thread, black, 1mm

Step 1: Line up the five straws. Cut a strip of masking tape and wrap the straws together. Make sure it looks nice on one side.

Pan Necklace Craft Step 1

Step 2: Using a small paintbrush, apply craft glue to the back, or ugly side, of the straws. Concentrate on getting glue into the cracks to help the straws stick together. Let it dry.

Pan Necklace Craft Step 2

Step 3: Once dry, cut the straws diagonally so that when the pretty side is up, the longest straw is on the right. Paint the entire Pan, letting it dry between sides.

Pan Necklace Craft Step 3

Step 4: Cut a small piece of straw and glue it to the back of the pan. Once it is mostly dry, secure it further with masking tape.

Pan Necklace Craft Step 4

Step 5: Paint over the masking tape on the back of the pan and let it dry. Follow it up with Mod Podge for a more secure pan. Then run the thread through and tie it off.

Pan Necklace Craft Step 5That is it! The hardest part is waiting for the paint and glue to dry between steps. Do not skimp on the paint and glue because it is surprisingly difficult to get straws to adhere together. The glue starts the bonding process, but the paint basically seals it all up, especially if you follow up with Mod Podge.

Easy Pan Necklace Craft  Celebrating Family

Before you go, check out these creative Pan ideas as well. Have fun and be sure to pin and share if you like what you see.

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