The Croods Movie Review

The Croods Movie Review

The Croods Movie Review

From the first time my family saw a preview for the movie The Croods, my kiddos wanted to see it. I, however, was not interested. I am not into the whole caveman dynamic, in fact I find it quite annoying. But when the opportunity to see this movie at an early screening came up, I decided to take the kiddos to watch it. I expected a cheesy movie with no plot and an evolutionary subtext. What I got, however, was something quite different – something totally unexpected.

The Croods is the story of a family that spends most of its time in a cave since the father is primarily concerned with keeping his family safe from the harsh world they live in. They rarely venture out of the cave except to hunt and they always return before dark. The Crood family is forced to leave their cave after their world unexpectedly changes and a mysterious stranger enters their lives. The movie follows them on their journey which has an uncertain final destination.

But The Croods is not about the changes their world is facing or even about the lives of cavemen. This is a story about family and some real issues that families face today. Grug, the father of the Crood family, is the ultimate helicopter parent and he spends every waking moment trying to protect his family. But as his daughter Eep tells him, that amounts to “not dying” instead of living. Eep wants to live life in all its glory. She is curious (which Grug equates with dying), and she wants to take risks (unthinkable to Grug). There is a great divide between this father and daughter’s view of the world and how life should be lived. Can you relate?

The Croods Movie Review

Every parent has had to figure out the balance between protecting our kids and letting them live, grow, and learn. There is a happy medium between the helicopter parent and the free range parent. Either way, eventually your children do grow up and go out into the world on their own. Grug deals with this dilemma throughout the movie. I personally loved how he breached the divide between himself and his daughter, both literally and figuratively (if you have seen the movie you know what I mean). This is one of those movies that has as much in it for the parents as it does for the kiddos (if not more).

The Croods deals with all these heavy issues while also being absolutely hilarious. I laughed so very much. I am so happy to see a truly funny family movie that does not rely on potty humor to get a cheap laugh.

Aside from the story-line, the visual imagery is breathtaking. This is a movie that is definitely worth seeing in 3D and in fact is the best 3D movie I have seen. There were several times that I actually wanted to reach my hand out and try to touch what wasn’t really there. Dreamworks has finally made a 3D fan out of me!

I highly recommend The Croods to families and really to anyone who wants to see some impressive animation and have fun at the movies. It is rated PG and premieres on March 22, 2013.

Do you plan to see The Croods?  Feel free to leave a comment. Share and let’s talk about it!

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  1. That looks like such a cute movie!

  2. My kids are dying to see it too! Looks like a Flintstone and Ice Age mash up!! looks amazing!

  3. I can relate to wanting to keep my family safe from the harsh world we live in. Can’t wait to see this movie!

  4. I wasn’t so sure I’d want to see this movie but after your review, it DOES sound like one I’d want to take the family to see! Thanks!

  5. My son is too young to sit through a movie in a theater, but I can see us getting this on DVD once it’s released so he can watch it at his own pace.
    As a helicopter parent, maybe The Croods Movie will encourage me to step back a bit.

  6. Debra Wagner says

    The movies looks cute and you know there are alot of fathers who are afraid to let their child take that big step outside his safe area!!

  7. Mommy Pamela says

    This sounds like a great movie with a positive story line. Cannot wait to see it! Thanks.

  8. It was a very cute movie with great lessons and a little humor for the parents.

  9. looks like a good movie…my kids wants to see it…thanks for the review..

  10. I took my oldest daughter to see this and I really liked it. She actually wanted to see it again, which with some movies she did not (especially more recent movies) so it was really cute, although we did not see it in 3D – WAY TOO expensive, sorry 🙁

  11. Wendy Mastin says

    Dreamworks has done it again. Great movie.

  12. Wanda Tracey says

    That movie looks so gosh darn cute and I want to take my grandkiddies to see it especially after reading your slant on it.Thanks

  13. Can’t wait to see this movie!

  14. carissa joslyn says

    My mom just got a awesome big TV! I can’t wait till we are able to watch this, i think both my kids would love it, including myself!

  15. Marisa Johnson says

    I will admit, before reading your review, I had no desire to see this movie. Now, I want to see it, and I hope my daughter will like it. As a parent of a 3 year old, I’m still trying to find the comfortable medium between being a helicopter mom, and letting her be independent. I feel like I could learn something from this movie.

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