Photography - Celebrating Family

Bird Watching: A Family Adventure

I love birds. In fact, birds are my favorite animal. They are so varied in plumage and song and have so much freedom in flight. Some people are surprised to hear that we actually have quite a few birds in the desert where I live.  We have hawks, owls, quail, doves, roadrunners, sparrows, woodpeckers, and more. The problem is that most of […]

Wordless Wednesday – Scorpion for Dinner?

This is my first venture into the Wordless Wednesday phenomenon, but I just had to share this. My husband…what can I say?    

June Bug Baby

The term june bug can refer to any number of beetles, but the cotinus nitida beetle is what comes to mind when I hear someone say june bug. It seems cruel now, but when we were children, my sisters and I used to catch june bugs at my grandmother’s house in Tennessee and tie a piece of thread to one of […]

Photo Op: Beauty in the Desert

I recently got a good camera!  I have never had high quality camera before and I am having so much fun playing around with it.  I am going to start occasionally posting photos I have taken with the camera – just for fun. This is a shot of one of the barrel cacti in my yard. Proof positive that […]