Wordless Wednesday - Scorpion for Dinner?

Wordless Wednesday – Scorpion for Dinner?

This is my first venture into the Wordless Wednesday phenomenon, but I just had to share this. My husband…what can I say?



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  1. LOL. This picture gave me a good morning chuckle. Thank you.

  2. Lol. I think your husband and my husband would get along well.

  3. Uggh! My son loved the pic!

  4. Um….is this why you are vegetarian?!?!?! LOL! Your dh cracks me up.

  5. omg hahaha gotta love men right? haha

  6. It is a really great shot, but it just makes me go “wow”

  7. whoa!!! 😉

  8. oh my gosh, that picture *does* speak for itself 🙂

  9. not sure I’d be eating one, but you never know in a moment of desperation.

    Gave some stumble love via the hop. My post is at http://daybydayinourworld.com/2010/11/hiking-at-camp-salmen-nature-park/ if you are so inclined to give a thumbs up.

  10. Oh my goodness. That’s just crazy 🙂

    Stumbled it for you.

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