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Peach Faced Loved Birds

I have often shared how much I love Arizona. We have beautiful falls, amazing sunsets, and great weather 9 months out of 12. As a bird lover, though, I often regret the lack of colorful feathers in my trees and cacti. But Arizona has a growing population of peach faced love birds. They have been hanging […]

Add Beauty to Your Stream: 8 Amazing Photographers to Follow on Instagram

As a blogger I follow many fellow bloggers on Instagram. I also follow a lot of friends and relatives and sometimes Instagram can feel like a condensed version of Facebook or a big ad campaign. Don’t get me wrong, I post pics of my kids, food, and other stuff you probably don’t care about from […]

Joshua Trees: Proof God Has a Sense of Humor and It Is Beautiful

Ah, the Joshua tree. Beautiful in a Dr. Suess sort of way.  Officially known as a Yucca brevifolia, it is part of the agave family.  Taken alone they are not that impressive, but as soon as you stand in the middle of a forest of Joshua trees, you have to pause and take it in. Some of my family lives in the middle of these Joshua trees and […]

Arizona Skies

Have you ever seen the Arizona sky? During monsoon season we get some amazing clouds and the abundant dust sure makes for great sunsets.  Arizona skies are hands down some of the most beautiful skies around. Here are some pictures I recently snapped.  Arizona’s desert skies are stunning murals crafted by the hand of God. These pictures really do not […]

Adorable Beggar

My kiddos and I were out braving the heat at the Phoenix Zoo yesterday. The summers are usually slow at the zoo since many of the animals will not venture out of the shade and roam their enclosures. However, the heat did not stop one cute critter. Along one of the hottest and steepest areas of the zoo, our […]

iMo Camera Strap Review

I was recently contacted by iMo Camera Strap to review one of their products. I was very impressed with the beautiful selection of camera straps they had on their site. I also appreciate that the straps are handmade and come in both cotton and neoprene.  It was very hard to choose just one but I selected the Black and […]

Fun Animal Photos

I love taking pictures of nature.  I recently snapped some pictures of animals at the Phoenix Zoo and the Arizona Renaissance Festival and I thought I would share a few here. I hope you find one you like. Temperamental Duck – AZ Renaissance Festival Mountain Lion Brothers – Phoenix Zoo Great Horned Owl – AZ Renaissance Festival Unemployed Sheep Dog – AZ Renaissance Festival […]

Adorable Spring Animal Babies

Even though fall is my favorite season it sure is tough to top the life, sunshine, and promise of spring. In the past few weeks we have seen an amazing amount of new animal babies in our yard and I wanted to share a few with you. These are so cute and some even have a story to with them. The first babies […]

Pin from A-Z: W is for Wolves

I got together with some fellow bloggers and decided to compile pins from Pinterest ranging from A to Z. I lucked out and got the wonderful letter w.  Visit the links that you are interested in and if you really like them then pin a few.  The A-Z list is after all the gorgeous wolves. Enjoy!   W is For Wolves Source: Uploaded […]

Wordless Wednesday: Pismo Beach

Photography Fun

As I previously discussed, I recently got a new camera. It is much better than any I’ve owned and I have been having fun taking random pictures. One great benefit of digital cameras is that you can take as many random pictures as you want and delete them later. I delete a lot, but sometimes I find a few I really […]

Washing Machine Blues

We have purchased three washing machines in the last five years. That’s right – three! We bought a Maytag in 2006 that died in 2009. Then, in 2009, we bought another Maytag that broke on Thanksgiving this year. So much for modern appliances. I am now the tentative owner of a new HE washer from Whirlpool.  This time we […]