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Peach Faced Loved Birds

I have often shared how much I love Arizona. We have beautiful falls, amazing sunsets, and great weather 9 months out of 12. As a bird lover, though, I often regret the lack of colorful feathers in my trees and cacti. But Arizona has a growing population of peach faced love birds. They have been hanging […]

Fun Animal Photos

I love taking pictures of nature.  I recently snapped some pictures of animals at the Phoenix Zoo and the Arizona Renaissance Festival and I thought I would share a few here. I hope you find one you like. Temperamental Duck – AZ Renaissance Festival Mountain Lion Brothers – Phoenix Zoo Great Horned Owl – AZ Renaissance Festival Unemployed Sheep Dog – AZ Renaissance Festival […]

Photography Fun

As I previously discussed, I recently got a new camera. It is much better than any I’ve owned and I have been having fun taking random pictures. One great benefit of digital cameras is that you can take as many random pictures as you want and delete them later. I delete a lot, but sometimes I find a few I really […]

Washing Machine Blues

We have purchased three washing machines in the last five years. That’s right – three! We bought a Maytag in 2006 that died in 2009. Then, in 2009, we bought another Maytag that broke on Thanksgiving this year. So much for modern appliances. I am now the tentative owner of a new HE washer from Whirlpool.  This time we […]

Photo Op: Beauty in the Desert

I recently got a good camera!  I have never had high quality camera before and I am having so much fun playing around with it.  I am going to start occasionally posting photos I have taken with the camera – just for fun. This is a shot of one of the barrel cacti in my yard. Proof positive that […]