Bird Watching: A Family Adventure

Bird Watching: A Family Adventure

I love birds. In fact, birds are my favorite animal. They are so varied in plumage and song and have so much freedom in flight. Some people are surprised to hear that we actually have quite a few birds in the desert where I live.  We have hawks, owls, quail, doves, roadrunners, sparrows, woodpeckers, and more. The problem is that most of them are pretty camouflaged and color seems to be a rarity. But if you go looking in the right places and exercise a little patience you can find some pretty amazing birds – even in the middle of the desert.

I have watched birds most of my life, but usually in a casual and unplanned way. I usually sit in my yard and watch what is around me. But ever since I got my new camera I have been ever so inclined to go out and find beautiful birds to photograph. My kiddos and I recently went to a local riparian preserve and were absolutely stunned at the wide array of birds enjoying the quiet marsh in the middle of the desert suburb of Gilbert, Arizona. It was a relaxing and enjoyable outing with just the right touch of thrill and wonder. Bird watching has now become an official family-fun activity in our home.

So why should you bird watch?  Let me give you a few reasons.

  • Birding gets your family out into nature.
  • It requires periods of silence and observation, something a lot of kids do not get much of these days.
  • It creates a sense of adventure and exploration.
  • You get to look at some of God’s most interesting creations.
  • Stress busting! You get to enjoy a slow pace and disregard time for a while.
  • If you like photography, bird watching gives you interesting subject matter to capture.
  • Bird watching gives you an excuse to travel to beautiful areas.

There are so many reasons to go birding, but you really do not need one. Just go. You will enjoy it and so will your kiddos.

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  1. I didn’t know birds were your favorite animal, and I never knew about that awesome preserve. I kinda feel jipped! Anyway, love the pictures.

  2. Angel Collins says

    I also love birds specially doves. I want to take care of doves but I’m afraid that they will just die because I’ve heard that birds are sensitive so I might do something that’s bad for them. Nice post!

  3. Bird watching sounds like a great activity. It’s cool that there are so many types of birds where you live. Too bad that a lot of them are hard to find.

  4. As a bird nerd I must say well done on the photographs. I would love to make it to the SW someday!

  5. I love watching birds . I got this from my aunt who always feed them and loved the red cardinals. Where I live I get to see alot of birds. I like to feed them and stand at my kitchen sink and watch them. My grandson whos now 4 when we would go outside I would always point the birds out to him and tell him what they were and their sounds . I would always say to him Listen AJ the birdies are singing for you : }

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