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The High Calling of Our Daily Work

Chances are that if you listen to talk radio at all you have heard Howard E. Butt Jr. give an inspirational monologue about the “high calling of our daily work.” These  messages usually inspire the listener to work hard, demonstrate integrity, and give their job their all. I admit that I really like these reminders. I never change the […]

Two Fun and Meaningful Ways to Reduce Christmas Present Overload

A few years ago my husband and I became discouraged at how materialistic Christmas was becoming. Not just just in society at large, but also in our own home so we decided to make some changes. I heard some moms discussing  several things they had done to get the number of presents they were giving to their children under control. Two of the ideas these […]

Healing is a Choice (Book Review)

They say that time heals all wounds. They lie. Time alone heals nothing.  It is what you do with that time that makes the difference. Time alone can actually make a wound worse. If you have ever had a minor cut or scrape that got infected and left it untreated then you know what I am talking about. Without […]

Forgiving My Imperfect Parents

I didn’t have the most stable and functional childhood in history, of that I am sure. But I have come to realize that is really doesn’t matter. Well, not much anyway. I know so many people who still blame their parents for how their adult lives turned out and who still hold grudges against their […]

My Big Bottom Blessing (Book Review)

I have read more books about weight loss and health than I care to remember. Some of the books were profound while others were silly. Some offered realistic advice, while others were flat out ridiculous. Some books treated our bodies like evolved machines while others reminded us that we were created by a Holy God. When I […]

Why Men Hate Going to Church

I decided to review Why Men Hate Going to Church (2011) by David Murrow  because the title intrigued me. Most of us know at least one couple that consists of a churchgoing wife and stay-at-home-on-Sunday husband. In fact, there really can be no doubt that overall Christian churches are more heavily populated by women than by men. Don’t believe me? Just […]

The Best Mom Song Ever

It is Mother’s Day weekend and I want to share this fun song by Go Fish that tops my list of the best mom songs. Enjoy! And moms, give yourselves a break this Sunday.   I love you Mom!

Beware of Beautiful Weeds

Right now my yard is the color yellow. The creosote bushes are bright yellow and my yard is blanketed with these yellow beauties. They sure look beautiful. But if you come back and look at these yellow “flowers” in June you will find them dried up, brown, and prickly. They will stand about six inches tall and […]

Preparing Your Heart and Home for Easter

It is the hour to rend thy chains, the blossom time of souls. – Katherine Lee Bates Easter is my favorite day of the year. It is a time to rejoice in the resurrection of my Savior, spend time with my family, and celebrate. My Easter celebration is more than just one day, however. As I mentioned recently, I observe Lent in order to […]

Why and How I Observe Lent

I did not grow up in a particularly religious home. Most of my religious exposure came from watching mass on the TV with my grandma and going to Wednesday night church with friends. I never really learned religious traditions or dogma. I eventually became an ardent atheist and moved away from anything religious in every way. After about 6 years as […]

Unshaken: Rising from the Ruins of Haiti’s Hotel Montana (Book review)

When Dan Woolley went to Haiti he never thought he would experience a life changing event that would strengthen his faith, his marriage, and his desire to serve others. Dan went to Haiti to get video footage of the work Compassion International was doing there. After a day’s work, Dan and his videographer, David, went […]

Christmas Week: The Joy of a Child

This is the last week before Christmas and most everyone is busy and running here and there all over town.  I hope you have all your gift buying and preparations done and if you don’t I hope you get everything finished up quickly and easily.  Wherever you are in the scheme of things this week, just remember to take the time to experience the joy of the […]