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Follow Me to Mexico With Unbound – Let’s Make a Difference Together #BlogUnbound

I recently became aware of a wonderful charitable organization called Unbound. Have you heard of it? It turns out I have a few friends who sponsor a child, young adult, or elder through Unbound. The mission of Unbound is to walk with the poor and marginalized of the world. Walking with them means helping to provide […]

Mom’s Night Out

I love being a mom.  Seriously, I do.  But it can be hard and anyone who tells you it isn’t, well I would say they are not being completely honest. I also love going to the movies, but it seems like most of the comedies out there are pretty edgy and often very crude. This tired mom […]

The Waiting – A Touching True Story of One Mother’s Unwavering Love

I remember the early days of being a new mom. The soft skin of my newborn son, his soft cooing, the smell of his breath. It was like Heaven. It was the beginning of a new adventure. I cannot begin to fathom the sorrow that would envelope me if I had to hand my newborn […]

Resurrection Rolls: An Easter Object Lesson

Easter is my very favorite holiday.  I love what it represents, the excitement of the season, and the anticipation of the children. My family is Christian and we keep the focus of our Easter season on the true meaning of Easter – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It can be challenging to keep that focus […]

Love to Stay – What to Read if You Only Read One Marriage Book This Year

I read a lot of Christian books but I have recently steered clear of Christian books on marriage. The simple reason is that they tend to include what, to me, seems like an overload of anecdotes. The formula goes something like this: idea, supporting Bible verse, a few examples from people’s lives. I know some […]

10 Christians Everyone Should Know (Book Review)

I wasn’t raised in the church and did not learn much about church history and leaders during my upbringing. Most of what I know I learned by reading and researching as an adult. I love reading about other believers throughout history and I find their stories inspiring and enlightening. I recently had the chance to read 10 […]

TWR360 – Christian Programming in the Digital Age

Before I was a grown-up all I wanted to listen to on the radio was music. But over the last couple of decades I have gravitated more toward talk radio programming.  I used to spend quite a lot of time listening to sermons and other Christian programming on the radio, but my local Christian talk […]

Connecting Church and Home (Book Review)

If you have ever read a book by Tim Kimmel or heard him speak, then you already know that his views on parenting and family can be strikingly different than what you might encounter from other Christian experts. It seems obvious that the heart of the Christian parenting message should be grace, but unfortunately it often is not. I am always […]

Five Things I Learned From St. Patrick

I have recently been reading about Saint Patrick and have been reminded of how amazing he was. As a teenager he was kidnapped and held in slavery for years. He escaped while he was in his early twenties and made it home, but that was only the beginning of St. Patrick’s story. What happened next changed the […]

Appreciating Your Daughter

I always pictured my life as a mom of a little girl as one filled with, well, sugar and spice and everything nice. I never envisioned the drama a little girl can bring.  I never knew that a girl as young as two years old could have a total meltdown over mismatched clothes and fashion preferences. Like a lot of moms out […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

One of my favorite Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes is “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” Sometimes I get discouraged when I see how many people I know who never serve or help anyone.  They just go day to day looking out for themselves and spending their free time and discretionary funds on their own […]

When Evil Rears Its Ugly Head: The Connecticut School Shooting

The world can be a beautiful place and sometimes, especially during this time of year, I can really be moved by the generosity and love of others. Then evil rears its ugly head and your perspective changes in an instant. Today, that instant came when I heard about the Connecticut school shooting.  The grave looking anchor on my TV just reported that 18 elementary school children and 12 […]