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Little Women (2018)

Little Women is a modern day retelling of the classic novel of the same name written by Louisa May Alcott 150 years ago. This is not a remake, of course, as it is set in the modern era. The movie attempts to tell the story we all love with modern sisters, issues, and perspectives. The characters […]

Is Genesis History? (Movie)

I was given the opportunity to screen the movie Is Genesis History to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. I am a Christian but even when I was an atheist, I did not believe in evolution. I have read a lot on the subjects of the Bible, evolution, Noah’s flood, and what any of […]

Positive Hits Tour 2016

If you are a fan of Christian music like I am, then the Positive Hits Tour needs to be on your family’s to-do list this summer. Awakening Events, Air1, and K-Love are pleased to bring you some fantastic performers this year including Kristian Stanfill & Passion, Danny Gokey, Capital Kings, and Hollyn. But it’s not just […]

TWR360 – Christian Programming in the Digital Age

Before I was a grown-up all I wanted to listen to on the radio was music. But over the last couple of decades I have gravitated more toward talk radio programming.  I used to spend quite a lot of time listening to sermons and other Christian programming on the radio, but my local Christian talk […]

Connecting Church and Home (Book Review)

If you have ever read a book by Tim Kimmel or heard him speak, then you already know that his views on parenting and family can be strikingly different than what you might encounter from other Christian experts. It seems obvious that the heart of the Christian parenting message should be grace, but unfortunately it often is not. I am always […]

The High Calling of Our Daily Work

Chances are that if you listen to talk radio at all you have heard Howard E. Butt Jr. give an inspirational monologue about the “high calling of our daily work.” These  messages usually inspire the listener to work hard, demonstrate integrity, and give their job their all. I admit that I really like these reminders. I never change the […]