The High Calling of Our Daily Work

The High Calling of Our Daily Work

Chances are that if you listen to talk radio at all you have heard Howard E. Butt Jr. give an inspirational monologue about the “high calling of our daily work.” These  messages usually inspire the listener to work hard, demonstrate integrity, and give their job their all. I admit that I really like these reminders. I never change the channel when they come on and I am a huge channel flipper during commercial breaks.

I recently learned that The High Calling has a weekly e-newsletter which includes an audio message from Howard Butt, articles from The High Calling, a video from The High Calling, and several community articles from other sites.  I read through several weeks worth of the e-newsletter and I really enjoyed them.  I especially liked the article entitled Is Work a Curse or Inherently Good. A quote in the final paragraph grabbed me:

Whether you’re writing a blog, or managing people, or cleaning a toilet, it’s all work, and it’s all good, given to us by God, who personally showed us that work is a creative act of love.

So often we grumble about our work, our to-do lists, and the tasks we must complete. I find that taking the time to reflect upon the importance of these chores can really be a blessing. I signed up to have the e-newsletter delivered to my inbox. I get a lot of spam these days and it will be nice to get something inspirational for a change. You should check it out as well.

Another good resource is The High Calling Facebook page which has inspiration, humor, encouragement, and even some beautiful imagery. Click over and like the page.

I encourage you to check out The High Calling today!

Web page and e-newsletter sign-up

Disclaimer: I received a promotional item in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Debra Givens-Wagner says

    thats sounds great I am going right to the web page and sign up for the e news!

  2. Thanks for this. I’m swinging by there next to take a look around.

  3. shirley zolenski says

    I had never heard of this. I am going to check it out.

  4. Lindsay Lee says

    This sounds interesting I am going to hop over there now to check it out!!!

  5. Shanna Uptergrove says

    I’m loving that page!!

  6. Debra Wagner says

    I signed up for a subscription and really like it!

  7. Diana Heiner says

    Thanks for sharing. I love the quote you shared I think I better go sign up!

  8. Renata Lopes says

    That’s interesting thanks for sharing.

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