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Connecting Church and Home (Book Review)

If you have ever read a book by Tim Kimmel or heard him speak, then you already know that his views on parenting and family can be strikingly different than what you might encounter from other Christian experts. It seems obvious that the heart of the Christian parenting message should be grace, but unfortunately it often is not. I am always […]

Healing is a Choice (Book Review)

They say that time heals all wounds. They lie. Time alone heals nothing.  It is what you do with that time that makes the difference. Time alone can actually make a wound worse. If you have ever had a minor cut or scrape that got infected and left it untreated then you know what I am talking about. Without […]

Book Review: In Praise of Plan B by Tim Kimmel

Have you ever had a plan for your life that got blown out of the water? Are you where you thought you would be by now? Have you ever asked yourself how you got where you are? Did you wake up one morning and find you were stuck in Plan B? If you are a […]