Mom's Night Out

Mom’s Night Out


I love being a mom.  Seriously, I do.  But it can be hard and anyone who tells you it isn’t, well I would say they are not being completely honest. I also love going to the movies, but it seems like most of the comedies out there are pretty edgy and often very crude. This tired mom frequently needs a good clean laugh to feed my soul. That is why I agreed to review Mom’s Night Out for Family Christian Stores. I think it is the kind of movie that just doesn’t come around often enough. Mom’s Night Out is the kind of movie that makes you laugh, cry, and reevaluate where you are in life, all without resorting to the profanity and crudeness we so often see in comedies.

I saw this movie in theaters after hearing countless reviews from people who loved or hated it. The critics seemed to dislike it based on their claims that it reinforced so-called archaic gender roles and was not realistic. But what I was hearing from my friends who had attended a sneak peek of the movie was that they loved it because it was totally relate-able to them and reflected their own lives. In my experience, moms trump movie critics any day so I went to see the movie with high expectations and I was not disappointed.

Sarah Drew Moms' Night Out

The protagonist of the movie is Allyson, played by Sarah Drew. She pretty much freaks out early on in the movie and her husband, played by Sean Austin, encourages her to get some girls together and head out. They plan big, dress up, and then the night hits a snag…or two. What follows is a laugh out loud adventure that is over the top but also completely possible. I won’t give the details but you will be entertained.

I actually saw this movie twice in the theater: once with a girlfriend and once with my family. My kids loved it and I think it gave my husband a little look into the mind of a stressed out mom. My son commented that he liked it but that the mom in the movie “acted way too crazy” and he said “you never act like that mom.” I just laughed and gave my husband a wink. We both know the truth.

Mom’s Night Out is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD. It would make a wonderful gift for a mom you know.

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I received a copy of the movie to facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I say get this movie!

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  1. Great review. .. actually this movie is not my type, but now I want to wAtch it!! Sounds funny