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Southwestern Wreath – Christmas in the Desert

I have spent almost every Christmas of my life in the desert. I have dreamed of a white Christmas but that just is not going to happen in the Valley of the Sun. But I still love the holly, ivy, and evergreens of Christmastime. I still love the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree […]

Easy Embellished Easter Baskets – Affordable and Personalized

My favorite holiday is Easter. I love the entire season and embrace the spiritual side and much of the spring-centered traditions as well. I love putting Easter baskets together and trying to create something the kiddos will love. Back when I was a kid the fanciest baskets in the stores were simply colored wicker baskets. […]

Simple DIY Christmas Ornaments

My kiddos and I had a great time making Christmas ornaments this weekend. It was fun and surprisingly easy. The kiddos were engaged in creativity and it really put us in the Christmas mood. I was given some fun Crayola products to try out and we opted to focus on the Model Magic crafting clay. […]

School’s In – Break Out the Fellowes Laminator (And a Giveaway)

Back when I was a teacher my favorite part of the copy room was the massive laminator it housed. I found myself drawn to it. I made massive laminated posters and flash cards and whatever else I could think of. So when I was contacted by The Motherhood about reviewing the Fellowes Laminator I was […]

How to Make a Wind Chime

I love wind chimes. Not only are they visually pleasing but they make a nice relaxing sound that helps me relieve stress and lifts my mood. My children seem to gravitate towards wind chimes in the store and are constantly asking me to buy some for them. The only problem is that wind chimes can […]

Resource for Online Craft Project Ideas

I am not a naturally crafty person so I am always searching for crafts ideas online. I recently discovered a useful and well organized site called This site allows you to search for craft project ideas by craft type, age of child completing craft, craft theme, and materials used. Once you search the site, you end up with a list of suggested crafts. When you click on one of those craft ideas you get […]

Holiday Crafts for Kids {Our Family World}

Today’s guest post comes from Taylor who is a contributor over at Our Family World.  She has some family-friendly and fun ideas and you are sure to find something your kiddos will enjoy. One of my favorite things about the holidays is doing holiday crafts with my children. Besides making a gingerbread house, decorating our Christmas stockings, and creating […]

Fall Popcorn Centerpiece

I am so excited about being able to take part in Around My Family Table’s Popcorn Month.  My contribution to the event is a simple yet eye-catching, fall popcorn centerpiece. This is so easy that the kiddos can make it all by themselves.  Head on over and check it out. Click here or on the teaser picture to […]

DIY Hunger Games Shirts Update (New Backs and Color)

I had a blast making these DIY Hunger Games shirts with my friend Wendy several months back. However, the iron on details on the back of the shirt came off way too quickly and I was left with a mess that I couldn’t wear. Originally I simply pulled the lettering off but that ended up looking terrible so I knew I had to come up […]

Fun, Crafty, and Delicious Fall Inspiration

Fall is a special time around here. As much as the kiddos love summer, it is just too hot to do much. Maybe that is why I love fall so much; it ushers out summer and brings a return to outdoor activities. It also leads to the holiday season. In celebration of fall I wanted to share some of my favorite fall […]

Why I Still Like to Color

I admit it, I still like to color. When I was a new college student living on my own, I bought a few coloring books and some colored pencils and doodled from time to time. As I grew into a self-sufficient adult that habit died and I began to be more concerned about the monotonous tasks of adulthood. […]

Pencil Monogram Teacher Gift

While wasting time away on Pinterest recently, I found quite a few awesome teacher gift ideas. I would bet that the advent of Pinterest has greatly improved the quality and creativity of teacher appreciation gifts.  My son and I decided to make the pencil monogram teacher gift for his very dedicated and loving teacher. It was easier than I thought it would be […]