Easy Embellished Easter Baskets - Affordable and Personalized

Easy Embellished Easter Baskets – Affordable and Personalized

How to embellish simple Easter baskets

My favorite holiday is Easter. I love the entire season and embrace the spiritual side and much of the spring-centered traditions as well. I love putting Easter baskets together and trying to create something the kiddos will love. Back when I was a kid the fanciest baskets in the stores were simply colored wicker baskets. Today, you can get extremely ornate and expensive baskets but you will pay a pretty penny for them and by the time you fill them, that price could really set you back.

I nearly bought two pricey baskets today until I saw some very cheap apple baskets and the craft wheels started spinning. The store was running a 30% off sale on all baskets so I was able to get two large apple baskets for about $8. Then I went to work making them pretty. It was quite easy:

Embellishing an Easter Basket

  1. Select a cheap basket. Be sure to pick one that items can easily be glued to.
  2. Select items to decorate the basket. Some ideas include wood cutouts, ribbon, beads, silk flowers, bows, paints, and whatever else your child may like.
  3. Assemble!

I kept my kiddos’ baskets simple because I am a simple crafter and I like to keep things easy. But this idea can be personalized and tweaked to suit your tastes and crafting level. I didn’t paint my son’s because he is quite the minimalist like me, but I think I prefer my daughter’s painted basket. It looks so bright and clean. I think my son will love the gecko, though. These baskets each cost me less than $5. I can’t wait to fill them!

How to embellish simple Easter basketsHave you ever made an Easter basket craft? What would you add to your child’s basket? Ribbons, beads, or something even more unique? Comment below and share your craftiness!

Happy Easter!


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  1. Debra Wagner says

    those are so so adorable!! What a creative idea and cheap too!! Thanks, for the idea.

  2. Mommy Pamela says

    This is a greAt idea and so economical! I will make sure to share my pics on Facebook after I am done making mine!

  3. Cute!!

  4. These are cute, last year I decorated a basket with ribbon and a felt baseball I cut out. I’m not sure what we are going to do this year but it will probably a similar DIY 🙂

  5. Cute, I might do this


    i’m going to make this for my niece.

  7. This is really cute and I actually have one of these and this is a great idea of what to do to it. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Heidi Embrey says

    My kids and me decorated out plain Easter baskets years ago and have used the same baskets every year ever since. Little did I know at the time we did them that they would hold up so well and be used after all this time!

  9. katrina c. says

    Dang! I saw these too late! So adorable…and definitely cheaper than the gift filled baskets! I bet these would last longer too compared to ol’ cheapo baskets you get with the more expensive gift filled ones! thanks for tip! Will definitely do next year!


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