Simple DIY Christmas Ornaments

Simple DIY Christmas Ornaments

Simple DIY Christmas OrnamentsMy kiddos and I had a great time making Christmas ornaments this weekend. It was fun and surprisingly easy. The kiddos were engaged in creativity and it really put us in the Christmas mood. I was given some fun Crayola products to try out and we opted to focus on the Model Magic crafting clay. We had never used it before but it turned out to be very easy to work with, lightweight, and crumble free! We used it to create several easy DIY Christmas ornaments that we can hang on our tree or give as gifts. I wanted to share our creations with you and some tips for your own simple DIY Christmas ornaments as well.

The Model Magic was so easy to work with that we wished we had more of it. We could have gone on creating with it for hours. I loved how the ornaments turned out, especially this snowman. I cut the ends of the scarf with a pair of scissors and the clay held up perfectly!

DIY Snowman Ornament

We also used Crayola Twistable Slick Sticks which, let me tell you, were very cool. My son used these to color a wood cut-out and birdhouse. I did not think these super smooth crayons would work on wood, but they were amazing! They glided over the wood surface and created a smooth surface much like paint (but without the mess).

Bird MagnetFinally, we made some reindeer ornaments using foam cut-outs. My daughter loved these ones the best. We finished them off with Crayola Glitter Glue.

Simple DIY Christmas OrnamentsMake some ornaments with your kiddos this week! Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Give your kiddos (especially younger children) some ideas before they start creating or they might get overwhelmed.
  • Do not put two colors of Model Magic together until you are sure you want them to be together…they stick to each other quickly.
  • Give your kiddos a variety of materials to work with, you never know what they might come up with. The eye and mouth on my son’s wooden bird (above) were actually made from Model Magic.
  • Resist the urge to hover over your kiddos as they create. Let them explore and succeed and fail.
  • Make sure to poke holes in our ornaments or leave a way to tie a ribbon around them so they can be hung from the tree.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

For more inspiration visit Crayola on Pinterest, Facebook, or at the Crayola home page.

Merry Christmas!


The Crayola product, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Crayola.

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  1. These are so cute. I like the Model Magic- very easy for little hands to use!

  2. Debra Wagner says

    those are the cutest…I am going to share everywhere!!

  3. You made some really great decorations here, so cute! And what a fun way to decorate the tree with your kids. Thanks I will look up this model magic as it looks easy to use.

  4. Hey Janice, it’s Elle’s sister Jennifer 🙂 I saw a super cute craft for an xmas ornament where you make the dough and each child puts a fingerprint on it, it was so cute! If I can find it again I’ll send it to you and maybe you can blog it next xmas…..hope you have been well!!!

  5. The grannies love homemade gifts. I appreciate adding a new ornament made by my boys to our tree. It’s fun to turn it over and read the date. I haven’t tried the Crayola model magic clay. Sounds great and super colors.