Why I Still Like to Color

Why I Still Like to Color

colorI admit it, I still like to color. When I was a new college student living on my own, I bought a few coloring books and some colored pencils and doodled from time to time. As I grew into a self-sufficient adult that habit died and I began to be more concerned about the monotonous tasks of adulthood. I didn’t pick up a colored pencil or crayon for some time. Then I became a mom and I had an excuse to color again.

These days I do not color on my own or have my own supplies, but I do sit down and color alongside my children.  I especially enjoy coloring in my daughter’s girl-themed coloring books. It takes me back to my childhood and, believe it or not, it is a great stress reliever. It is easy to let the important adult tasks pass for a bit while I color with my daughter. We often talk about the story in the coloring book, what we like about the pictures, and I will give her tips on how I stay in the lines and other similar helps. Sometimes we don’t talk at all – we just color and enjoy being together.

So how about you? Do you still like to color?  Feel free to leave a comment.  Share and let’s talk about it.



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  1. debra Givens wagner says

    Coloring brings out the kid in everyone!

  2. I enjoy coloring with my children too, it’s a win win!

  3. I love to color alongside the boys. Actually, art is something we often put off doing. But, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to be creative.

  4. Auntie Pamela says

    We have patients do coloring on my unit (psychiatric/adult) for therapy and to teach positive coping skills. No wonder kids are so stress free, all they do is color!

  5. I adore coloring! It is stress relieving for sure.

  6. I love coloring too! I get totally lost in the world that I’m coloring…it is a great stress reliever!!!

  7. I think coloring is pretty relaxing. My son loves it, so that always gives me a good excuse to keep paper and crayons around.

  8. I love to color too. Its so relaxing and brings back memories from childhood, also it allows me to spend a little extra but simple and inexpensive quality time with my kiddos =)

  9. Amanda Williams says

    I still color and I love it. My oldest son used to love to color so we have about 20 fat coloring books sitting on the shelf half colored. I figured the rest of the kids would color, but no… So when I am bored and just want something to do, I grab my colored pencils or the kid’s crayons and go to town!

  10. You’re definitely right about it being a stress reliever, there’s just something about it that’s calming. That’s what kids are for, to remind us about the simplicity of life!

  11. alejandra castro says

    I love to color. I sometimes think i’m too old and feel a little childish even though i really want to! so for me its great to have a nephew at such a young age that lets me color with him. Only than do i not feel old.

  12. Yes I do still like to color. It is fun. I still watch cartoons too.

  13. I feel so much happier now I unenastrdd all this. Thanks!


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