2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced (Plug-In Hybrid)

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced (Plug-In Hybrid)

Disclaimer: I have been a lucky girl because I get to drive Toyota vehicles from time to time as part of a media partnership. All opinions are my own.Prius Prime AdvancedI have driven quite a few Toyotas including Camry, Rav4, 4Runner, and my favorite the Highlander. I’ll admit that I had heard one too many Prius jokes to really be interested in the small hybrid. However, when I finally drove the new 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced, I was sold almost immediately.

I drove the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced for one week and I did not want to give it back. The guy who dropped the car off mentioned that design-wise, the Prius Prime Advanced was set up more like a certain high-dollar electric car brand than the typical Toyota. That was evident from the moment I sat behind the wheel. Technology is the theme of this car. The Prius Prime Advanced comes with an optional 11.6 HD screen which is incredible and very useful. It beats the standard Toyota screen by miles. I also loved the joy-stick shifter, which is what I missed the most when I had to switch back to my own car. The whole driving experience felt like a futuristic video game.

Prius Prime Advanced

The Prius comes with all the safety bells and whistles Toyota offers and it has many of the same comforts and extras you will find on the Camry. There are also other perks such as LED lighting, a mind-boggling 133 MPGe, a plug-in feature, and Intelligent Park Assist. One feature that I really loved was the projector that places info onto the windshield. Look at the picture below to see what I mean. I loved this for GPS directions because I hate to look at the screen to see which way to turn (if I miss the voice prompt). This is so much easier and safer!

Prius Prime Advanced

The 2017 Prius Prime Advanced is a fun car to drive. That is not because it is powerful or fast, because it isn’t. The car is comfortable, advanced, gets great MPG, and feels like a surreal high-tech experience. It truly is different than any car I have driven. It is a family-friendly commuter car that feels like fun. Road trip anyone?

Prius Prime AdvancedMy family drove the Prius Prime Advanced to the grand opening of the new and improved Phoenix Children’s Hospital Emergency Department to deliver some teddy bears.




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  1. It plugs in?

    • Yes, it does! It is only good for about 25 miles but that gets many to work. It can even plug into a typical household outlet.

  2. Debra Wagner says

    Wow the car looks and sounds amazing . One of my daughters owns a Toyota hybrid and the other one just bought a Highlander I’m very jealous of both of their vehicles cuz they’re awesome. This looks really good for me for my size of family now I love it I think I’m going to go to take a test drive Toyota

  3. I just love your Toyota post. You had mentioned in a previous post a Toyota Highlander and I had never heard of those before. Me and my husband went looking and we decided to test drivea Highlander, we loved the XLE so much we bought one! We are now the proud owners of a Toyota Highlander and weabsolutely love it. But, now I’m wondering if we should get an electric car now LOL! Keep your Toyota post coming!

  4. That HUD display is wonderful, I love that.