Front Seat Safety Matters

Front Seat Safety Matters

Front Seat Safety MattersWhen I was a kid, my sisters and I had some pretty heated disputes over who would sit in the front seat. I recall one day when I yelled shotgun and dove in through the open car window into the front seat. In my mind, I deserved to sit in the front seat because I was the oldest. Even though that was a silly move, it turns out I was partially right. These days, primarily due to airbags, the CDC recommends that all children aged 12 and under ride properly buckled in the back seat.

Air bags have saved many lives, but they can be deadly to children in the front seat. The force is just more than young kids’ bodies can handle. It might seem tempting to let your kiddo ride up front, but if your car has airbags, please think twice. Most importantly, never place a rear-facing car seat in the front seat or in front of an airbag.

My son recently turned 13 and he now enjoys riding up front. My daughter was pretty jealous at first until I explained the safety aspects to her. Now she happily rides in the backseat. Front Seat Safety Matters

For more information on keeping kids safe in the car, visit

Front Seat Safety Matters

Thank you Toyota for supporting this post on front seat safety. They let me drive this Highlander for a week while my son enjoyed his first week as a 13 year old in the front seat! If you have not had a chance to drive a Highlander, go do it. I loved this SUV which is powerful, beautiful, and elegant. #celebratingtoyota

Toyota Highlander

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  1. Great tips. Thanks!

  2. Debbie wagner says

    That is wonderful.. I love your stories and your great tips.

  3. I did not know that. Good stuff to know. Thank you for the info and cute story

  4. I did not know that. Good stuff to know. Thank you for the info and cute story

  5. Awesome Toyota! I remember driving in the front seat growing up at a very young age. I am surprised ther was not more injuries and death. Thanks for the info because I thought that kids that were 10 were allowed up front. Know I know better.

  6. Robert E Wells says

    Thank you for the great information, I had no idea that anyone under the age of 13 should ride in the backseat. Very good info for someone who grew up in the 80’s.