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Star Wars Tie Fighter Cookies

After an over 30 year wait, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally here! I celebrated by joining up with 14 other Star Wars loving bloggers to bring you 15 Star Wars: The Force Awakens creations YOU can make. My contribution is the fun and easy Tie Fighter Cookies. These are so easy to make that […]

Red Sea Party Punch

Enjoy this simple party punch with an unexpected ingredient! I have been an Arizona Cardinals fan ever since they came to my home state in 1988. I try to never miss a game and am training my kiddos up in Cardinals fandom. We usually watch the games at home and I love to serve up tasty […]

Classic Potato Salad

I grew up eating white potato salad and it is one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. It reminds me of family gatherings, parties, and picnics and it makes me feel happy. I am not a fan of yellow potato salad at all and you will never catch me serving it. Why would I when […]

Peter Piper Pizza Birthday Parties – Hassle Free Family Fun

Birthday parties – loved by kids everywhere, but too often dreaded by parents. I happen to love throwing birthday parties but will admit to abhorring the cleanup that comes after the kiddos all go home. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place your family could have a birthday party and not have to […]

Littlest Pet Shop Style Sets and Party Snack Ideas

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Littlest Pet Shop. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. All opinions are mine. When I was a kid I loved so many different toys but I especially loved toys I could build with or […]

Asian Inspired Sweet and Tangy Baked Wings

When I was in high school I worked at a popular steak and salad bar restaurant and I loved it. I worked on the salad bar and I enjoyed preparing the foods that the restaurant served, especially the chicken wings. It was in the salad bar kitchen that I learned chicken wings could either be […]

Easy Ocean Cupcakes (2 Ways)

I previously shared the fact that I cannot make a pretty cupcake to save my life. Because of this deficiency, I am always trying to find quick and easy ways to make my cupcakes fun. I posted the blue cupcakes below several years ago. They are easy to make and fun for parties. Anyone one can make these super […]

Dragon Berry Punch

I recently posted about my son’s dragon-themed birthday party and I promised to share the punch recipe with you. This punch was a big hit and we ran out much faster than I expected. I told my son to pick a juice to mix with 7-Up. He wanted a sour punch and opted for cranberry juice, but I convinced him that most […]