6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake

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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake #ProgressIsPerfection #CBias #CollectiveBias

As a vegetarian, I try my best to maintain a plant-based diet. Dairy is still a part of my diet, but I am working to reduce my dairy intake. I am not dairy-free yet, but I have made a lot of progress. I buy Silk Almondmilk varieties weekly and use them in recipes, cereal, tea, and everywhere I can think of. Silk is delicious and I trust the brand and appreciate that it is non-GMO. It is a product I can feel good about serving my family. Silk’s Progress is Perfection campaign combats the  idea that extreme methods are the only path to being healthier. Instead, let us celebrate small victories.

People often tell me that they would like to reduce their dairy intake but they just do not know how. The switch to a dairy-free life seems impossible. As I said, I am not dairy-free (mostly thanks to pizza), but I have reduced my dairy intake by about 75% over the past few years. I have accomplished that by making simple changes and seriously questioning what I actually want to eat. Here are six easy ways to reduce your dairy intake.

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake

Use Dairy Alternatives in Breakfast Cereal.  I eat a lot of cereal. If I were not responsible for feeding other members of my family, I would likely eat cereal for dinner on a regular basis. This used to be my primary source of dairy since cereal requires dairy, right? Wrong. Dairy alternatives such as Silk Unsweetened Almondmilk taste delicious in breakfast cereal.

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake #ProgressIsPerfection #CBias #CollectiveBiasGo Non-Dairy in Your Coffee and Tea. I am a tea lover and prefer not to let a day go by without at least one cup of tea. I have been using Silk Vanilla Almondmilk in my black teas for some time now. It adds a layer of flavor and helps me reach my dairy-free goals. I have also been known to use Silk Dark Chocolate Almondmilk in my tea sometimes, too. It is so delicious and feels indulgent!

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake #ProgressIsPerfection #CBias #CollectiveBiasUse Dairy-Alternatives When Baking. This has probably been the easiest change for me.  Depending on the recipe, replacing dairy with a dairy alternative like Silk Almondmilk is pretty basic. The less dairy called for in the recipe, the easier the switch. I made this cake with almondmilk and it was delicious.

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake #ProgressIsPerfection #CBias #CollectiveBias

Try Something New. I have to admit that I had never tried almondmilk yogurt until just recently. I was a little worried about whether I would like it. I just tried Silk Strawberry Almond Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative (as well as the Dark Chocolate Coconut and Vanilla Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative varieties) and I was pleased. They are not super thick, but they are delicious. They also taste good half-frozen. Lesson learned! Do NOT be afraid to try new things. Dairy alternatives have come a long way and I bet there is a treat out there you would enjoy.

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake #ProgressIsPerfection #CBias #CollectiveBiasMake Dairy-Free Smoothies and Shakes! This is a very easy swap to make. In my opinion, almondmilk is the best cream base to use in a smoothie. I have been using almondmilk this way for years. Simply replace the dairy in the blender with almondmilk (or even coconutmilk).

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake #ProgressIsPerfection #CBias #CollectiveBias

Rethink the Your Preferences. I recently completed a short elimination diet due to some medical issues. I did not think I was going to be able to survive without many of the dairy products I am accustomed to. For example, I usually eat a baked potato with dairy, which was not allowed on that plan. I soon discovered that I actually like baked potatoes better with NO dairy! Who knew? I was eating dairy products on potatoes out of habit. The same goes for dairy on sandwiches and popcorn. Rethink your preferences!

The bottom line is you can reduce the dairy in your diet by making simple swaps and rethinking your food choices. Reach for a dairy alternative and change things up!

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake #ProgressIsPerfection #CBias #CollectiveBias

Here is some more information about the Silk products featured in this post which are available at Walmart:

Silk Unsweetened Almondmilk

• 30 calories per serving
• Absolutely no added sugar
• 50% more calcium than dairy milk
• Excellent source of vitamin E
• Absolutely no cholesterol or saturated fat
• Free of dairy, soy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg and MSG
• Verified by the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program
• No artificial colors, flavors or funny business

Silk Vanilla Almond Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative

• 5 grams of plant-powered protein
• Delicious taste and creamy texture
• Live and active cultures
• Free of cholesterol, dairy, soy, lactose, gluten, carrageenan and casein
• No artificial colors, flavors or funny business
• Excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D
• Vegan
• Verified by the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program
• No high-fructose corn syrup

These products can be found in the dairy section at your local Walmart.

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake #ProgressIsPerfection #CBias #CollectiveBias


6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dairy Intake #ProgressIsPerfection #CBias #CollectiveBias


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  1. Debra Wagner says

    I like the best way to change over from dairy to something else would be When the Children Are Young you can switch it out on him they didn’t even know. I should probably switch over but I really don’t like milk to begin with the little bit that I do drink I don’t know of it would really bother me that much

  2. Great article! Thanks for the information. We have been trying to switch over to some nondairy voices as well. We do like the Almondmilk in cereal, it doesn’t even taste much different! I didn’t know they even had almond milk yogurt!! I’ll have to look for it!

  3. Your choice of words are on-point. It reminded me of my writing days, only this time you did it better!