5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Time on Facebook

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Time on Facebook

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Time on Facebook

Facebook. The only place I can go to see what is going on with my teen-aged relatives, see the kiddos of my high school friends, and share my family’s accomplishments. Oh, and I can also use Facebook to see what you ate for lunch, how much you paid for gas, what movies you are watching, what you think about the driver behind you, which politician you think is dumb, and so on and so on. Facebook has so much potential for good, but can be a black hole of time and quality of life.

How many times have your checked your Facebook today? Once, twice, maybe twenty times? Come on, mama! We have precious few minutes in the day and every minute we spend on Facebook takes away from the things that really matter (and those that really need to be done). Facebook can eat up our time, give us house envy, and keep us in shallow relationships that take up our time and never grow. I have set a goal to seriously reduce my time on Facebook and maybe you need to do that as well. Here are five easy ways to reduce your time on Facebook.

Just say no to quizzes. Do you really need to know which character from Harry Potter you are? How does that bless your life and bring you joy? These quizzes can be addicting and are one of the worst wastes of time I can think of. Well, maybe not as much of a waste of time as folding laundry at my house.

Text a friend. Sometimes I am out and about and I see something funny I want to share on Facebook. Or maybe a random though pops into my head. You have been there, right? Instead of posting another useless status update on Facebook, why not simply text a friend? That might actually lead to a conversation with your friend and will keep you closer to that friend than a status update will.

Adjust your notifications. Change your notification settings so Facebook is not flirting with you all day, trying to draw you in. I only get notified if someone tags me. Do you really need a notification because someone liked your status? Why?

Only log on once a day. Schedule a time to log on to Facebook. For example, only log on during your lunch break, before breakfast, or after dinner. You know your schedule best so pick a time that works for you.

Find a good book series to read. If Facebook is filling a need you have for quiet time, why not pick up a good book instead?  I personally recommend the Hunger Games and Divergent series for easy reading that will draw you in as well as be a diversion. If you are not into dystopian story-lines, find something you like. I just read a fun book called The Mermaid’s Sister. Give it a read.

There are so many more ways to reduce Facebook usage. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment. Now go be productive.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Time on Facebook

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  1. debbie givensgirldeb wagner says

    wow this is some really fantastic ideas and I need to consider myself because I really spend a lot of time on Facebook sometimes, and sometimes I don’t go on it for a week and then other times I can’t get off of it for a week.

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