Valentine's Day Craft: Hearts and Flowers

Valentine’s Day Craft: Hearts and Flowers

An easy Valentine's Day craft using stuff you might have lying around.

Kids love crafts and Valentine’s Day crafts are especially fun, but they can also be expensive. Most of the crafts we do around here use materials we already have on hand. I was recently looking through our arts and crafts supplies when I found a bag of artificial flowers that I had saved from a broken lei. My daughter and I decided to make them into a fun wall hanging for an easy Valentine’s Day craft. This was a very easy and fun craft and the result was a pretty piece of art to hang on our wall.

To make this you will need:

              • poster board
              • glue
              • artificial flowers (or anything pretty you have lying around)

Cut a heart shape out of the poster board. Glue the flowers onto the poster board and let it dry for several hours. We put glue onto the poster board and then placed the flowers onto the poster board one at a time. The heart my daughter and I made was pretty good-sized, and it ended up being more than my 4 year old daughter could accomplish on her own. Remember to make the heart an appropriate size for the amount of flowers you have and also for the child who might be helping you (otherwise you may end up finishing it yourself!). One way to make this easier for a younger child would be to place the glue onto the board yourself and then let your child place the flower onto the glued spot.

This was so easy and very fun. It turned out prettier than I thought it would and my daughter was very pleased with herself. We hung it on our door and will probably save it for next year.  Give it a try! Use whatever you have lying around: silk flowers, tissue paper, fabric remnants, or whatever you fancy.

Valentine's Day craft


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  1. Auntie Pamela says

    What a crafty idea! Where is mine?

  2. Debra Wagner says

    How clever. You can send me that valentine in the box with Ruby UPS overnite please!!

  3. mary gardner says

    i love it! my daughter is going to have a ball making this – thanks!

  4. Valentines Day will be here before you know it!. I love this-so simple and cute. I will make it with my grandson for his mom for Valentines day

  5. Debra Wagner says

    Valentines Day ….It is almost here isnt it? Great stuff, love your blog

  6. What an adorable craft! I love this idea! Thank you for posting.

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