Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4x4 (2021)

Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4×4 (2021)

Disclaimer: I am a lucky girl because I get to drive Toyota vehicles from time to time as part of a media partnership. All opinions on the Toyota Tundra are my own. #ToyotaPartner

Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4x4 at campsite #celebratingtoyota

I think most of us would agree 2020 was a tough year. Here in Arizona, people dealt with business closures by doing a lot of outdoorsy things. The resulting increase in camping during 2020 led to a new term: Covid-campers. These new campers filled the campgrounds and made reservations harder to get than usual (especially since some campgrounds were closed). Due to the circumstances of 2020, we did not get to do as much camping as usual. However, there were a couple bright spots in our 2020 camping experiences: we got to take two camping trips with Toyotas. Read about the first trip here. Our second trip was in a 2021 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4×4.

The Tundra CrewMax is the classiest full size truck I have ever had the pleasure of driving. The spacious interior makes it perfect for everything from transporting a work crew of grown men, to taking the whole family off-roading. My 6 foot tall husband had plenty of leg room and our teens had ample room in the backseat, which made the drive up much better. Check out this beautiful interior shot from the Toyota site.

Interior dash of Tundra #celebratingtoyota

The Tundra CrewMax has a 5.5 foot length bed which sure made camping more enjoyable. We typically take our Camry camping, which requires extensive Tetris skills. I can pack an insane amount of stuff into a Camry, but having the Tundra on our camping trip allowed us to bring more than just the bare minimum. We were able to pack a 13×13 Octagon tent, tons of firewood, two ice chests, and more. Try fitting all this is in a Camry!

Fully packed truck bed. #celebratingtoyota

The 2021 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4×4 is roomy, powerful, and fun to drive. Where where you take it? #letsgoplaces #celebratingtoyota #tundra

Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4x4 at the Superstition Mountains #celebratingtoyota

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  1. I love the look of the Toyota trucks, my favorite though is the Highlander. Beautiful truck.