Toilet Paper and Baby Wipes Alternatives

Toilet Paper and Baby Wipes Alternatives

Toilet Paper and Baby Wipes Alternatives

As I write this post, there are tons of people lining up for toilet paper and freaking out if they cannot find any. To me, it is the most confusing part of this current environment. Toilet paper is actually one of the most replaceable items on your list of household staples. As a former cloth diapering mom, this seems pretty obvious to me. But it might be that you have never done your business with anything other than disposable products. The idea of washing dirty wipes might gross you out, but I can assure you it is not a big deal. If you just don’t think you can handle it, try what a friend of mine is planning: ration your existing toilet paper to only going #2, and use cloth for #1.

Perhaps the worst thing I have heard during this toilet paper “crisis” was a mom of an eight-month-old who was almost out of baby wipes. She did not know what she was going to do.  I felt for her, but she needn’t worry. Cloth baby wipes are easy to use, easy to wash, and if you need to, easy to make. Here are some sources for your family, just in case you need to go, and are all out of toilet paper (and baby wipes).

Cloth: These can be used dry or damp.

Flannel Cloth Baby Wipes – Reusable and washable.

Basic Wash Cloths – These are more durable than cloth baby wipes, but not as soft.

DIY No-Sew Cloth Wipes – A video tutorial on making your own cloth wipes.


Bidet Attachments – These have skyrocketed in price this month. But maybe consider adding one to at least one of your toilets sometime in the future. I have friends who swear by them. I have never used one.

These are much better options than paper towels, hand wipes, tissue, napkins, coffee filters, and whatever else you might be considering.

Finally, can we stop with the panic and focus on our blessings? Trust me, they outweigh our curses.

Toilet Paper and Baby Wipes Alternatives


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