These Boots Were Made for Hiking - Timberland at KicksUSA

These Boots Were Made for Hiking – Timberland at KicksUSA

Red Timberland hiking boots from #KicksUSAI love going on hikes and taking walks outdoors. Not much matches the feeling of a breeze on my face, the sun on my back, and a trail before me. In Arizona we can hike nearly year-round and we have a variety of hiking trails and mountains at our disposal. I prefer to wear hiking boots when hiking because most of our trails are rocky and often slippery with gravel. I also love cool shoes that stand out. I recently hit the trails with the red Timberland boots you see in the picture. I had no idea Timberlands came in red! I was in love from the moment I saw them on the KicksUSA site.Red Timberland hiking boots from #KicksUSAThese Timberland boots did not disappoint. They are stylish, but more importantly, they were stable and comfortable during my hike. I love the red and how vivid it is. I had dust all over my boots when I got home. The desert will do that. However, the dust came right off without any difficulty. Did I mention that I love these boots?  Red Timberland hiking boots from #KicksUSAKicks USA has just about every kind of shoe you could ever need, along with competitive prices. Head over to their site and check them out. Let me know what you find!

Red Timberland hiking boots from #KicksUSA

Disclosure: KicksUSA provided the boots in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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    Timberland Hiking Boot is particularly durable. I have been the use of them for the final 10 months, and they may be running high-quality. Anyone seeking out a Hiking Boot Timberland trouble would love this. Just my cents. Thanks.