The Three Words You Never Want to Hear

The Three Words You Never Want to Hear

The three words you never want to hear are “You have cancer.” What might even be worse for some is hearing the three words “I have cancer” from someone you love. I have lost loved ones to cancer and had others in my family affected by the terrible poison of cancer. My father in-law Tom was an amazing man who died of melanoma when he was in his forties. One of my grandmas was taken by cancer at the age of 56 and the other lost her life to it as well.  These were huge and life altering losses for me. I have personally dealt with skin cancer as have others in my family. Most of you reading this right now have also been affected by cancer in some way. Science is diligently working for a cure and hopefully it will find one soon. But for now we continue to lose those we love and even those who survive cancer, like my mom, are forever changed by it.

In June of this year my cousin Nicole had a fairy-tale proposal. Her creative and clearly romantic fiance proposed to her via a flash mob and her life seemed perfectly charmed. So much can change in one month and July brought something dark.  Here is Nicole’s story as written by her future sister-in-law. It is a reminder of the importance of early detection and an appeal for help.  I am posting this with the family’s permission.


Hi everyone. My name is Christine Mancusi. I’m starting a fundraising campaign on behalf of my amazing future sister in law Nicole Groshong.

The Fundraiser is to provide Nicole with 2 fantastic wigs while she endures chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

The campaign is called “I Care for Nicole’s Hair.”

This is Nicole’s story.

On June 30th, after 3 years of dating, Nicole and my younger brother Tom got engaged. On July 30th Nicole was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of breast cancer called clear cell cancer. On August 20th she had a double mastectomy. On October 8th she starts her first of 8 chemotherapy treatments. She is 27 years old.

I want to give you an example of the type of person Nicole is. The day she was having her double mastectomy surgery, she was lying in bed waiting for the surgeon. Her mom was in the room with her. I came in to visit her. We were talking and she said to me “I’m sorry I’m a little grumpy today.” and as she was being wheeled off to surgery, she was waving to my brother with a smile and saying I love you. She is just amazing.

I couldn’t even imagine how I would deal with the magnitude of something like this. She is so brave and positive and so full of love. She is a light that makes this world a better place.

My mom as well as several family members are breast cancer survivors. The more people I talk with about this, the more I realize that just about everyone knows someone affected by breast cancer. Because Nicole’s cancer was so aggressive and rare, had she waited, the diagnosis would have been terminal. Nicole’s cancer was detected in the infancy stages. With her double mastectomy surgery and  chemotherapy treatment, she now has an 86% chance of survival.

Whether it’s a dollar or a hundred dollars, every donation counts and every donation is gratefully appreciated. What’s equally important is to pass on the story. Spread the word. Share your story with Nicole. Offer your words of encouragement. Pass on Nicole’s story. It may just help someone with early detection. Early detection saves lives. Early detection saved Nicole’s life.

I’m trying to raise $5000. This amount will buy 2 wigs made of human hair. It will look the most realistic and feel the most comfortable. With all she has been thrown, she at least deserves to have a wig that makes her feel at ease.

We have 3 very personalized breast cancer awareness perks we are offering.

At the $25 contribution you will receive a pink band with “I Care for Nicole’s Hair” inscribed.

At the $50 contribution you will receive a white t-shirt with my original designed girl drawing silk-screened on the front and “I Care for Nicole’s Hair” on the back.

At the $100 contribution you will receive a custom made breast cancer awareness birch candle. These candles are all one of a kind, hand made by my mom. Trying to describe them does them no justice. They are beautiful.

Follow Nicole’s progress on facebook.

So this is my heartfelt fundraiser to provide Nicole with 2 fantastic wigs to allow her to feel a bit more normal and dignified during this awful chapter in her life.


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  1. denise sprague says

    What a sad, heartwrenching story! I too have have been touched by cancer recently, my husband of just over 17 yrs and father of our 5 children. He has metastatic colon cancer, stage 4. He, however is winning his battle using homeopathy, which is working 1000x better than chemo ever did. There are dozens of ways to cure (yes, I said cure!!) cancer naturally, even after chemo, and I’m happy to share info with anyone interested. It breaks my heart to no end that medical science gives no regard to homeopathic treatment. Our oncologist, come to find out, knew about almost all these natural methods but never once mentioned them. Even when my DH was hospitalized after a reaction to chemo. Chemo, radiation and surgery are not the only way. I will be praying for this young lady!

  2. Theresa Reed says

    My life has been touched by cancer as well. My Mom had breast cancer 3 years ago. She found the lump herself and knew that it was cancerous before the doctor even told her. She had to do Chemo and radiation. Like most women that have cancer she lost her hair as well. She didn’t like the wigs so she found turbans that she liked and worn them. As she was coming to the end of her treatment we found out that the cancer had moved to her spine and also her right femur. Because of all the radiation she has had problems with her bladder and kidney’s. She has a stint in her right kidney that has helped with the bladder problem. Every three months she has to go in and have it changed. I can say that I do not wish cancer on anyone. It is a very painful and long journey for some. My Mom is a true fighter and she is doing well. I know that you have to have your family and friend their to help you and you also have to keep a positive attitude to get thru this. Good luck Nicole. I will keep you in my thought and prayers.

  3. Kristie Betts says

    I’m so sorry

    Everyone in my family scared that someone else has cancer, you tell them something and they automatically bring up you might have cancer. Which I think is rude, cause people that actually do have cancer just wants to forget about that 6 letter word even exist.

    I hope everything goes okay

  4. I have some friends who were cancer survivors and were very grateful to our Lord for extending their life in this earth. Appearance are no longer their issue as they are more focused in supporting campaigns to help those who are still undergoing the dilemma. Hope all goes well to your cousin.

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