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Tea Time: Creating Special Moments

Tea Time Creating Special Moments

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love tea. While I grew up in an English family, my mom and grandma were primarily coffee drinkers. However, the tradition of tea was not lost to me. When I reached adulthood I gradually began to drink more and more tea and now I drink 2-3 cups everyday. My favorite cup of tea is the one I enjoy right after I put the kids to bed; a nightly ritual of decaffeinated Constant Comment made by Bigelow Tea.  I do truly love tea. Aside from being delicious, tea is packed with antioxidants, is easy to make, and is known for creating special moments. I have shared tea with countless friends and family members in my home. It is an intimate drink that makes people feel like they are sharing something special at tea time.

A friend of mine has recently reduced the amount of coffee she drinks due to a dairy allergy she was diagnosed with. She complained to me that coffee just isn’t the same without the products she is used to adding to her drink. While I do often add cream to my tea, most teas are so good that they do not require the addition of anything other than maybe some sweetener. Since my friend is inexperienced in the tea world, I offered to introduce her to several varieties so I went on a tea shopping trip at Walmart and put together a basket full of teas.  Check out this tea gift basket with over a dozen flavors of Bigelow Tea. Surely, she will find something she loves in there!

Tea Time Creating Special Moments

To those who do not drink tea, this may simply look like a basket full of tea. But a tea-drinker knows that this is a basket full of love, relaxation, health, joy, friendship, and tradition.

Tea Time Creating Special Moments

I have been a loyal Bigelow Tea customer for years so when I heard that this family company was looking for several bloggers to share the company’s story and its teas, I knew I had to participate.  One reason I love Bigelow is because it is a family-owned business. The company was started in 1945 when Ruth Bigelow created Constant Comment tea in her own kitchen. She was looking for a way to spice up the tea experience and her tea blend had everyone constantly making comments about it. Bigelow Tea is still owned by the Bigelow family and is operated by Ruth’s son and granddaughters today.

Aside from the family tradition, I love Bigelow tea because it is both delicious and affordable. Check out this picture from my Bigelow Tea shopping trip. These boxes have 20 teabags inside and cost just over $2.00,  which works out to about a dime per tea bag. That is really unbeatable.

Tea Time: Creating Special Moments

Another reason I buy Bigelow Teas is the fact that every tea bag comes sealed up in a foil wrapper ensuring that the tea is always fresh. I don’t have room in my pantry for 10 boxes of tea so I usually dump all the tea bags into one large canister. The foil wrappers on the tea bags keep the flavors from mingling and the tea bags from getting ripped open. The foil wrappers also allow me to easily carry Bigelow Tea in my purse.

Tea Time Creating Special Moments

Bigelow Tea is a tradition in the making in my house. My children love digging through my tea canister to pick out the tea they are craving. My son enjoys making tea for me and his little sister on especially cold days. I have never given my children tea and not been thanked with a smile.  Tea brings them joy, warmth, and comfort.  In fact, if my children wake up with a sore throat or a cough, tea is the first thing they ask for.

Tea Time Creating Special Moments

Tea is more than a drink in our family –  it is a tradition. I hope that my friend finds a tea or two in this gift basket that she can add to her family traditions. I also encourage you to head to Walmart and pick up some Bigelow Tea. There is a variety for everyone.

Have you tried Bigelow Tea? What is your favorite flavor of tea?  Do you have a tea tradition? Feel free to leave a comment.  Share and let’s talk about it.

Tea Time Creating Special Moments

There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.

– Bernard-Paul Heroux

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  1. I used to drink lots and lots of coffee, like others would lit a cigarette throughout the day, I had coffee.
    After my son died in May 2012, I developed a sleeping problem, lying awake every night for hours. I stopped the coffee, which was not the only problem, though, and I drink tea instead now, mostly green tea without sugar.Every now and then I drink a cappuccino with cream, but mostly tea and at home only decaf on Sundays, if I feel like it…
    Lovely gift basket…I would like it……
    Hava great day.

  2. We love tea! My folks brought back a tea set for my princess on their last trip to China. We have a special mother-daughter tea time several times a week. When her brothers leave us be, its even relaxing *laugh* but they love tea, too!

  3. Debra Wagner says

    I do love my coffee, however Tea is great.I need mine to be very strong so my favorite is the Bigelow English Teatime…yummmy

  4. Debra Wagner says

    Strong for me because I drink it with milk and sugar (splenda) the Enlgish way of course!

  5. I love iced tea, so I will have to check out the line of hot teas. Great photos, by the way.

  6. First, I have to say what an adorable photo of your daughter! Secondly, your tea gift is such a great idea! I would be so happy to receive a basket like that. I can see this being a great option for your friend.

  7. Summer Davis says

    I’m a heavy coffee drinker, but I drink tea in the afternoon and at night, and am also a long-time Bigelow tea drinker! I love their Vanilla Chai. It doesn’t need ANYTHING added to it because the flavors are so delicious. It even tricks your mind into thinking it’s sweet.

    Your daughter is gorgeous, BTW. And I love your tea basket idea, it’s a great gift! It would be a fantastic new baby gift for a new mom too, especially one who is breastfeeding and should stay away from caffeine.

  8. I love tea, Bigelow tea. My favorite is grey earl. It is light and refreshing. Thanks for the post.

  9. Anita Lewis says

    Since I am giving up coffee for Lent (thanks to this blog) I have been rediscovering Tea. My favs are Pomegranate Green Tea and Constant Comment.

    I loved reading this post. What a fun present to give someone, a basket of tea.

  10. Sandy McFadden says

    I love this………….even Oprah enjoys tea and she suggest getting a special cup to sip your tea in than it will be come a part of your routine of taking time for yourself and pampering yourself……….something I intend to do.

    • I have a few cups that I use but my special one was broken last year. I need to replace it!

  11. I love tea- I too have 2-3 cups a day-drinking one right now! Coffee never agreed with me, although I still LOVE the smell. I recently gave a friend some green tea too, as she was working to give up a coffee habit. I will remember your post when it comes to giving a gift, tea is perfect!

  12. Keeρ oո writing, ǥreat job!

  13. I love tea and I think chai is the best.

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  1. […] As you know, I am a huge fan of tea, especially hot tea. I drink tea because it is full of antioxidants, lower in caffeine than coffee, and delicious! Honestly, my tea times are the markers of my routine. I have a glass of hot tea every morning, usually drink iced tea with lunch, and always complete my day with a hot mug of decaffeinated Constant Comment made by Bigelow Tea. Drinking tea forces me to take a minute for me. Here is today’s breakfast: granola bars with Lemon Ginger Herb Plus (which has probiotics!). […]