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Summer Reading List – Books For Your Tweens and Teens

Even though my children are now both in the tweens and teens categories, I still read books to them. I will read to them until they want me to stop. I love sharing stories with them and having the opportunity to talk about the lessons in these books. We have shared many classics and modern […]

Better Together: Because You’re Not Meant to Mom Alone

Being a mom can be lonely, especially in those early years when you are not even sure if you know what the heck you are doing. I never really felt lonely until my first born started walking and when we started going places more often. I joined one playgroup but never clicked with any of […]

Children’s Book Author Spotlight: Kristi Grimm

When you first meet Kristi Grimm you notice right away that she loves people. She makes eye contact with you and reels you into a conversation that makes you feel like the things in life really matter. She has a lot of passion for people and for storytelling, too. Together with her husband, illustrator Dave […]

Children’s Book Week

This week, May 4-10, is Children’s Book Week.  In honor of its 96th anniversary, I thought it would be fitting to share this list of some of my favorite children’s books. I posted this list a few years ago, but I think it is worth sharing again. Later this week I will be introducing a children’s book author with […]

Wisdom of the Sadhu (Book Review)

What value is earthly wisdom? Who is God? Can you say you are a Christian if Christ has not changed your life? Sundar Singh was an incredible man whom I had never heard of until I read this book. His writings address life’s most urgent questions and he challenges all believers, particularly Christians in the […]

Woman of Courage (Book Review)

I was recently given a copy of Wanda Brunstetter’s Woman of Courage, a Christian historical fiction novel based in the wilderness of the American frontier. It is not the genre of book that I usually read, I tend to go for dystopian novels rather than historical fiction, but the story line intrigued me. I decided to […]