Spring Planting: Kids Love Gardening

Spring Planting: Kids Love Gardening

Kids love gardening!

Spring has sprung in the Arizona desert! Frosty nights are behind us and the scorching heat of summer is not yet here. This is the perfect time to get outdoors and plant something. We love to garden around here. My son and daughter get super excited when they get to eat something they have grown themselves. I remember the feeling of being a child in the garden.  My grandma had a massive garden in Tennessee that I would never be able to replicate here in the desert. Desert gardening can be such a challenge that we really feel satisfied when we get a harvest.

Today we planted tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro. Here are the children turning over the soil in the large planter box my husband built.  They had a lot of fun doing this because it is one of the few times they are allowed to tear something up.

Kids love gardening!

Planting the seeds takes a little more patience and steady hands. My son was able to do this with a lot more precision than my daughter. I get the feeling my daughter’s rows will be somewhat creative. But hey, she had a fun time.

Here is the planter box after we were finished planting the jalapenos and cilantro – nice and neat like a clean canvas. Pretty soon there will be little green seedlings here. I can’t wait to get a harvest so I can make some salsa. (Speaking of salsa, I have a wonderful and delicious salsa recipe I will share with you soon.)

Freshly planted garden.

Our yard is full of things we have planted. It is an amazing feeling to watch something you planted grow. My husband planted all of the trees in this picture, but the two in the chicken pen are mesquites he planted from seeds.


Also, my son wanted to show off the pomegranate tree he planted last fall. It will likely be a year or two before it bears fruit, but he is eagerly waiting.

Kids love gardening.

Does your family grow anything?  If so, what does your garden grow? Feel free to leave a comment. Share and let’s talk about it.

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  1. You make it sound so easy. I have trouble growing anything….maybe I need your hubby to come build me that cool planter.

    Around My Family Table

  2. Auntie Pam says

    I love to garden as much as you and the kids! I hope the next time we come over you can whip us up some fresh pico di gallo. I always have trouble getting my cilantro to grow. My cilantro usually heads and then does nothing. Do you have any good tips? One thing I can grow an abundance of is basil and parsley. Our house is never without fresh pesto in the spring and summer. Have you ever grown basil? I am glad to see the kids have a green thumb like the rest of us, 🙂

  3. racingandsavingmama.com says

    I really think it's great you have your kids help you in the garden. I do the same thing. My son loves working with me in the dirt. We started a new garden spot this year that was really rocky so I put him in charge of getting all the rocks out. He goes along with his dump truck and loads it up. It's cute to watch and am I'm glad I can hand that job off! 😉

  4. That sounds really cute! It's funny how task oriented they are at that age. Mine are like that, too. I hope it stays through the teen years lol.

  5. Pamela, no tips for cilantro…sorry. It's my first time growing it. 🙂 I'll let you know how it turns out.

  6. Auntie Pam says

    I actually talked to a master gardener yesterday, and she said to cut about an inch off the top every week after the first two weeks of growth. Hopefully this will help us both! I'll letcha' know how it turns out. Nothing is better than fresh herbs from the garden.

  7. Whew! Gardening in the desert must be different! Thanks for linking up on Toddler in Tow!

  8. It is fantastic to see the kids gardening…Great stuff

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