So, I Let Myself Get Fat

So, I Let Myself Get Fat

I got fat

In the last year, I have put on 20 pounds. I could blame turning 40, my husband returning from a deployment, or genetics, but as the song goes “I know, it’s my own damn fault.” I start making better choices “tomorrow” almost everyday. But today, I ate an entire box of Dots at the movies. Awesome. The thing is, I usually eat healthy and exercise.  I love to run. But lately, not so much. I won’t tell you my weight, but I will say that my BMI is near the very edge of overweight and leaning towards obese.  I have never been obese and I do not plan on starting now. 

I can hear some of you saying that weight is just a number baby, but I have to disagree. Diabetes and heart disease run in my family. Aside from the health issues, I just feel awful. Sitting here I can feel the extra weight on my tummy bulging out. I can feel the double chin creeping in as I lean down to type. I feel awful from the junk I ate earlier today. I am self conscious and none of my clothes fit right.

So why am I sharing this? I promise it is not because I like self-deprecation.  I am sharing this because maybe you are going through the same thing. Maybe you keep making excuses for yourself and you know better, too. Sure, some of it is vanity. We would love to rock a pair of jeans. But mostly, we just want to feel better. To do better. So why don’t we?

If you are reading this and nodding your head, join me in doing better little by little. Get a friend to join you if that helps. Can we be strong and say no to the bad health choices we make? I’ve outed myself here on purpose. I want everyone to know I am struggling with this so I will be held accountable by someone, somewhere. I want to see a major change in myself by fall. That is my goal. I will not wait until tomorrow; I will start tonight…right now. I am saying no to the bowl of cereal I am craving and will have a cup of tea instead. Baby steps. Will you join me?



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  1. I will!! 🙂

  2. You’re beautiful Janice! Love you!!!

  3. I will too!

  4. You are so far from are a little bit chubby,,thats all, and you are always beautiful inside and outside!! <3

  5. JohnTheWolfhound says

    If my wife put on a few pounds, I’d march her straight to the bedroom! I love women who are soft and round and a lil’ bit heavy.