Making the Best of Sick Days

Making the Best of Sick Days

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Sick days are the worst! As I sit down to write, I am recovering from being sick and my elementary-aged daughter is home sick. I recently shared tips on making sick days easier on your child, but what happens when it’s Mom who is sick? Mom usually has to take care of herself, right? Here are some tips to help you make the best of sick days. I know that you already know how to take care of others, but we sometimes need reminders to take care of ourselves!

Making the Best of Sick Days

Lie down and rest. This might not be so easy if you have little ones at home. However, do not feel bad for letting the kiddos watch movies while you lie down and rest. One sick day I made a big nest on the living room floor, complete with many pillows and blankets. The kiddos and I settled in and they watched movies while I rested. If your kiddos are too young for this option, call a close friend or relative to see if they can come over and help out so you can rest. If you have older kids who are at school during the day, don’t worry about getting the chores done, just rest!

Stay hydrated! It is very important to keep drinking fluids when you are under the weather. Sometimes plain water is just too boring when I feel ill. Instead, I opt for herbal teas and sugar-free electrolyte drinks. Whatever your pleasure, just stay hydrated!

Eat healthful foods. I love sugary treats (maybe a little too much). I am a big believer in the all things in moderation philosophy. However, when I am under the weather, I focus my diet on more healthful choices like fresh fruits and vegetables. I find these help me recover more quickly.

Use the right medication. Talk to your doctor about which medications you should take. I find that products like Advil® Cold & Sinus help aid my recovery efforts. Alleviating some of my symptoms helps me reduce the drama that often comes along with being sick. It is hard to rest when I feel congested and feverish. I feel confident taking Advil® Cold & Sinus because it is the #1  pharmacist recommended brand for cough, cold, and flu combinations for daytime use. It combines Advil® (the top selling pain reliever) and a powerful nasal decongestant to provide fast relief so I can continue on with my day.

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Take care of yourself.

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  1. Debra Wagner says

    Funny you should write this and ask, as I am so sick right now I’ve been sick for 2 weeks. I’ve been taking soething else for relief and it hasn’t been helping so I’m going to take Advil Cold and cough and see if that helps I’m glad I read your article I’ll let you know if it worked. Thanks

  2. We just got over being sick, actually I am still sick. I love being able to sit down and read your blog and learn new stuff! We did watch a lot of movies and did a lot of whining. I have never taken Advil cold and sinus for my cold/flu’s, I just usually suffer (LOL). But, I will try it next time our home is down with the cold/flu. Thanks!

  3. I drink hot tea with honey and lemon to ease symptoms, then go to bed and rest.

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