Should Women Over 40 Have Long Hair? #YearTil40

Should Women Over 40 Have Long Hair? #YearTil40

I cut my hair short once. Even though it was for a good cause, I got a lot of grief from people who loved my long hair. I am still growing it out and it seems to be taking longer. My hair just doesn’t grow as fast as it used to. It isn’t as soft and is often hard to manage. I can see you coming 40! 

Sometimes I think I should cut my hair short again. But for now, I am keeping it long. If my grandpa was still alive he would argue with me about this. He once told me that women over 40 should not have long hair. He said hair past the shoulders made 40+ women look like they were clinging to their youth. He said it made them look older. Back then, at the ripe old age of 20, I actually believed him. But today I sit here less than a year away from turning 40 and I declare that he was wrong! I don’t feel too old for long hair. I am not ready to go get my bob on. No way! Check out these over 40 beauties who still flaunt their locks. I hardly think they look like old biddies who are clinging to their youth. What do you think?

Long Hair After 40 #YearTil40

I think I will keep my long hair for a while. It makes me feel feminine and I have to admit that some of my identity is wrapped up in it (that is just part of growing up a redhead). I do admire those stylish short cuts I see on confident women. But I think we can all agree that whether a woman wants her hair short or long, it should depend on her style, and not some out-of-date social custom. What are your thoughts? Should women over 40 have long hair?

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  1. Debra Wagner says

    Yes, absolutely!! I dont care what my Dad said to me…I love long hair. My hair is too dried out now at 57 and with diabetes, but I have it as long as I can. I wish I have never liked short hair but feel the need to get a bob here real soon.

  2. I think women, no matter their age, should have hair the length that makes them feel great. For some, short hair in their 20s is the way to go. I am also less than a year from 40, and I am definitely not ready to go short. Whatever makes us feel beautiful!

  3. Teressa Morris says

    I think long hair after 40 is fine as long as it’s not super long. I will be 47 tomorrow and still have long hair. I cut it last year to bob length but I have found that shoulder length works best for me. Your hair looks beautiful and if you want it long, you should keep it long!!

  4. Is that why all of the little old ladies have short hair? I had never really known that long hair wasn’t a thing when you got older. I say keep your hair long! The next generation of women can start a new belief- that you are not clinging to your younger self but you are clinging to your personal style and your true self. (young or old!) My rebellious nature makes me want to purposefully have longer hair as I get older now 🙂

  5. If it looks good on you then whys not. Who cares what anybody thinks.

  6. I think that women should have their cut to go with the shape of their face. I love long hair.


    Of course! I love long flowing hair on women no matter the age!

  8. I can’t think of cutting my hair short 🙂


    i love my long hair, and i don’t think i will ever have it short. my hair grows so incredibly fast. but i don’t ever want it short. ever.

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