PlantBottle Technology - A Look at the Dasani Green Bottle Cap Water Bottle

PlantBottle Technology – A Look at the Dasani Green Bottle Cap Water Bottle

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PlantBottle Technology - A Look at the Dasani #GreenBottleCap Water BottleRecycling has grown and changed quite a bit during my lifetime. I can remember when recycling was just about making money by collecting cans. Today there are seemingly endless recycling options but in my home I tend to focus on recycling plastics. The reason for this is that plastic is usually made from petroleum and petroleum has its own issues. There are many benefits to reducing our use of oil and recycling helps in that endeavor. That is why I was excited to learn about Coca Cola’s PlantBottle Technology which utilizes 30 percent plant materials in plastic bottles like the Dasani green-capped water bottle.

This amazing redesigned bottle is 100 percent recyclable, made of 30 percent plant materials, and is reducing the amount of oil used in plastic production. The new bottle is lighter and more eco-friendly than its predecessor. In fact, the new Dasani bottle contains 45 percent less plastic than the original 2001 bottle.

PlantBottle Technology - A Look at the Dasani #GreenBottleCap Water Bottle

That green Dasani water bottle cap is more than just a pretty color. It is a symbol of Coca Cola’s dedication to reduce waste and promote sustainability.  According to Coca Cola, since the PlantBottle was introduced in 2009, over 750.000 barrels of oil have been saved. That is pretty amazing. I am actually very excited about the future of plant-based plastics.

PlantBottle Technology - A Look at the Dasani #GreenBottleCap Water Bottle

The world is changing in so many ways and I truly believe that reducing our use of oil is helpful for many reasons. Not all of those reasons are environmental, but that is another story for another day. The next time you pop open your Dasani green cap, remember that you are helping to change the world.

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  1. This is cool. Technology has grown and improved a lot.

  2. Debbie Givens Wagner says

    What a fantastic idea! I think this is wonderful. Good job

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