Happy National Pie Day (Plus a Giveaway from Marie Callender's)

Happy National Pie Day (Plus a Giveaway from Marie Callender’s)

National Pie Day

What do you think of when you hear the word pie? I think of boiling down pumpkins with my kiddos in the fall, my grandma’s perfectly flaky pie crust, or eating mini pot pies with my mom as a child. Pies are delicious, usually easier to make than cakes, and they always seem to gather a crowd, or at least a cartoon bear who plots to whisk them away. Ah, the delight that is a pie. Pies are so wonderful that they even have their own day. Today, January 23, 2013 is National Pie Day and I absolutely plan to eat some pie to celebrate.

My kiddos and I got a head start on National Pie Day by sampling Marie Callender’s Chocolate Satin Mini Pies. These little pies are perfect as a single serving or as a shared treat. This pie is ready to eat in no time flat. In fact, we ate ours right out of the freezer because we could not wait. So much for self-control! This creamy pie even has a cookie crumb crust. Oh yes, it was delicious! There were two other things that I loved about this pie. One, I did not have to make it, and two, it is small so I had to stop at one serving. What a perfect way to slow down, relax, and savor the deliciousness that is Marie Callender’s.

National Pie Day

Today’s pie will likely be the mini peach pie (peach is one of my favorites). Marie Callender’s has several tasty mini pie flavors in addition to their famous full-sized pies. I recently reviewed Marie Callender’s Lattice Apple Pie and it was amazing. Have you tried it? You can leave a review and rating at MarieCallendersMeals.com for this or any other Marie Callender’s products you’ve tried. You can also head over to the Marie Callender’s Blog to share what kind of pie you plan to celebrate National Pie Day with.

Enjoy your pie today and don’t forget to enter the giveaway located below the picture of my daughter trying to sneak some pie during my photo shoot. Good luck!

National Pie Day


Disclaimer: This post is part of my partnership with The Motherhood and Marie Callendar’s.  I am being compensated for my honest review and participation.

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  1. Alicia Keen says

    apple pie is my favorite

  2. Debra Wagner says

    I love French Apple Crumb and Coconut Creme the best!

  3. Pumpkin is my favorite.

  4. I love their dutch apple pie!

  5. Adrienne gordon says

    I love pumpkin pie

  6. Abby Kraynick says

    Banana Cream Pie , YUM ♥

  7. king marsela says

    apple pie a

  8. my favorite is key lime!

  9. Peanut butter pie! 😀 Yum!

  10. I like apple pie

  11. Michelle Hudak says

    I like chocolate pudding pie

  12. I like pumpkin pies

  13. Margaret Smith says

    I love apple pie.
    Thanks so much.

  14. Apple pie is one of my favorites.

  15. Lisa Brown says

    I like chocolate cream pie.

  16. Mary Casper says

    it is apple

  17. My favorite is Key Lime Pie!

  18. :3 Chocolate cream is my favorite.

  19. Mendy Dinsmore says

    key lime is one of my favorites

  20. I love apple pie.

  21. Starr Greenwell says

    French apple crumb.

  22. Jennifer B says

    pumpkin pie is my most favorite

  23. I like banana cream

  24. Ann Fantom says

    I like Key Lime pie

  25. Stephanie V. says

    pecan or strawberry

  26. Andrea Williams says

    It’s a toss-up between chocolate and key lime.

  27. Christine Mayfield says

    Apple Pie with a crumb topping!

  28. soha molina says

    Pumpkin pie is my fave

  29. Chocolate is my fave!

  30. debbie jackson says

    chocolate cream or coconut debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  31. apple pie is my favorite.

  32. apple

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  33. I love banana cream pie

  34. April Brenay says

    i love deep dish apple!

  35. I like peach pie best.

  36. Chocolate satin is my favorite

  37. Cherry pie is my favorite.

  38. I like Key Lime Pie

  39. Tari Lawson says

    I like apple pie.

  40. dutch apple pie

  41. My favorite is cherry cheese pie.

  42. Rebecca Graham says

    I like key lime pie.

  43. I guess my faorite is Pumpkin, followed by Rhubarb

  44. Lemon Merange with graham cracker crust-yum!

  45. I love strawberry pie.

  46. My favorite is coconut cream.

  47. My favorite is chocolate cream pie

  48. Ashley Hatten says

    I love their peanut butter cream pie! Thanks!!

  49. Mary Calabrese says

    Any kind of pie is my favorite!

  50. My favorite pie is apple.

  51. Monique Rizzo says

    Strawbery rhubarb.
    Thanks for the chance.

  52. I like pecan or chocolate pie. Thank you!

  53. Karen Glatt says

    My favorite pie is Apple Pie!

  54. I like apple pie

  55. I love pecan pie

  56. Barbara Montag says

    I love banana cream pie – thank you!

  57. Kyl Neusch says

    love pumpkin pie

  58. My favorite is chocolate cream.

  59. Hard to choose just one, but I do love pecan pie A LOT

  60. I like lemon meringue pie.

  61. Allison Downes says

    Banana Cream

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  62. My favourite is apple pie with ice cream!

  63. key lime is my favorite.

  64. chocolate peanut butter
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  65. Pecan Pie is my favorite!

  66. beth shepherd says

    I like chocolate pie the best

  67. Cherry pie is my favorite

  68. weepforsweep says

    apple pie fav

  69. Apple pie is my favorite

  70. I love chocolate silk.

  71. Danielle Wood says

    My favorite is Apple Pie

  72. I love cherry~

  73. I like pumpkin pie

  74. Jill Myrick says

    my most favorite pie is coconut cream.


  75. melissa resnick says

    apple crumb pie is my fav with whip cream

  76. I love Pumpkin Pie

  77. Key Lime Pie.
    Thanks for the contest.

  78. apple is my fav

  79. Rhubarb is my favorite

  80. Paula Michele Hafner says

    My favorite is chocolate.

  81. Jennifer R says

    Coconut Cream is my favorite pie.

  82. jennifer serrano says

    I like apple pies 🙂

  83. My favorite is Pecan Pie.

  84. Blackberry and apple pie is my favorite

  85. Mine is Apple Pie

  86. my favorite pie is lemon meringue

  87. Banana Cream Pie is my favorite

  88. pumpkin pie is my favorite

  89. I like banana and coconut cream pies.

  90. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    pecan and love lemon too
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  91. I love Apple Pie

  92. Debra Ford says

    I love cherry pie

  93. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    I like apple pie!!

  94. My favorite is blackberry.

  95. Karen Gonyea says

    Chocolate Creme Pie 🙂 YUMMY 🙂

  96. Sharold Friedrich says

    I love cherry pie

  97. Amanda Kinder says

    It’s a tossup between apple or pumpkin.

  98. Brittney House says

    cherry pie is my favorite

  99. christiekammerer says

    chocolate satin all the way 🙂

  100. I’m oldschool, I love Blueberry Pie!

  101. alyce poalillo says

    Banana creme pie

  102. Mya Murphy says

    apple’s the bestest!!!

  103. I like Dutch apple

  104. amy delong says

    chocolate satin

  105. sbarnes1136 says

    Pecan is my fav!

  106. Susan Smith says

    My favorite pie is Chocolate Satin

  107. I like Pecan Pie best.

  108. Lisa Garner says

    My favorite pie is Banana Cream Pie.

  109. Ice cream pie !

  110. susan smoaks says

    apple pie is my favorite kind of pie, with ice cream!

  111. Pumpkin with whipped cream

  112. Annette Hyttinen says

    pecan pie and blueberry, can’t choose one 🙂

  113. krystal wethington says

    pineapple cream pie

  114. aplle pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top

  115. ronnie horton says

    pumpkin pie or cherry pie

  116. Sara Grivas says

    I love Cherry pie! It’s always been my favorite.

  117. I love pumpkin pie

  118. Michelle Tucker says

    Coconut cream pie and buttermilk pie.

  119. I love pecan pie!

  120. denise donaldson says

    banana split pie. 🙂

  121. Cherry pie is my favorite.

  122. Chocolate chip pie

  123. Lemon, chocolate, apple . . .

  124. Melissa P. says

    French Silk pie is my favorite.

  125. Aimee Fontenot says

    Lemon meringe is my favorite pie.

  126. Chocolate Cream Pie!

  127. Sweet potato pie is my favorite

  128. carol le... says

    I love cherry.

  129. Sue Leiby-Padlo says

    banana cream or custard

  130. Marie Calenders Chocolate Cream Pie!
    Thank You!

  131. Banana cream is the best!

  132. My favorite pie is pecan pie, now I’m hungry. 🙂

  133. I love pumpkin pie the most – thanks!

  134. samiialexxis5691 says

    I love key lime pie

  135. I love pecan pie

  136. Aaron Bretveld says

    Dutch Apple Pie is my favorite, and it is even better slightly warm with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream on top.

  137. I love lemon supreme pie.

  138. Michelle H. says

    I love warm apricot pie with vanilla ice cream.

  139. Thanks for the giveaway…Dutch Apple !

  140. sheryl cullum says

    definitly apple sounds good too

  141. That’s a hard question. Apple, key lime, cherry.

  142. Barbara Long says

    Blueberry pie is my favorite.



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