My Locks of Love Inspired Haircut

My Locks of Love Inspired Haircut

Locks of Love homepageMost of my life I have had long hair, although there have been a few times when I have cut it to my shoulders. Now that I am well into my thirties I have found that my hair just isn’t what it used to be. I have been pining away after shorter hairstyles for some time now. I started thinking about the Locks of Love program after a sweet girl I know was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and lost her hair. I figured I could help a child somewhere and get that hair style I have been wanting. I am so glad I did.

Here are my before pictures:


Let me tell you that there are times when this raggedy red hair is very pretty.  But it takes a lot of work and it usually just ends up in a ponytail. I was so ready for a change.

Here are my after pictures:


Is it just me, or do I look much better?  I certainly feel better. I feel stylish instead of frumpy. And it feels great to know that somewhere, sometime soon, a little redheaded child will be getting a red wig to wear. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

After getting my hair cut and styled my children and I went to the post office and mailed my hair to Locks of Love in Florida.  Funny, I’ve never been to Florida but my hair is on its way there.  A special thanks to Brenda Q. who cut my hair for free.










Have you or someone you know donated their hair to Locks of Love? Has Leukemia affected your family? Feel free to leave comments. Share and let’s talk about it.


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  1. I love it! So glad we can enjoy our summer LOL hair together! <3

  2. JollyGreenOne says

    Janice! Your new haircut is AMAZING! Subtracted five years, easy. And with your Big Bad Glasses? You look FANfreakingTABULOUS.

    We have never done Locks of Love. My hair is so fine that it just gets ratty-looking as it gets longer. Nomes wants Rapunzel hair, so maybe she can do it – though I suspect her hair will be just like mine. Z could do it, though, if I could handle a boy with hair that long… since I'd end up having to care for it.

    Great job!

  3. Thanks, ladies.

    Tanya! Thanks so much. I agree I look younger for sure!

  4. Your one hot mama!!!!! I love the new 'do!

    Around My Family Table

  5. Karen Greenberg says

    Your new hair style looks TERRIFIC! I wish I looked cute like that wish short hair. I cut mine, but I'm just waiting for it to grow back out now!

    I have donated to Locks of Love before. It's a great program. I love the idea that a little girl is going to feel better about herself because of a simple haircut on my end.

    Thanks for coming by my blog earlier and leaving a comment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Auntie Pam says

    You look absolutely AMAZING!!! Having short hair is a little more work than long hair because you actually need to do something with it. But, the results will make you feel more put together and confident. By the way, there will be a person who will feel more put together and confident through the Locks of Love thanks to you. You make me proud.

  7. JayLeigh says

    Your cut looks really good! 😀 And that's so neat you sent your hair to Locks of Love. 🙂

  8. Christine says

    You look so stylish with that cut 🙂 I love donating to Locks of Love and have done it twice before. It's such a rewarding feeling, isn't it? 🙂

  9. Pink Dandy Chatter says

    wow…that's so awesome of you! And, I love the new hair cut…looks amazing!
    Thanks for stopping by Pink Dandy Chatter. Have a great weekend!

  10. Susanmeep says

    That is so great, what a nice thing to do (visiting from the alexia hop)

  11. LisaWeidknecht says

    LOVE the new haircut!

  12. mombo880 says

    The cut looks awesome!

  13. I cut my hair off too and did the same thing several years ago and still keep my hair short.
    I love the hair style and you just look so perky and sophisticated.
    Congrats on being focused on the Sunday hop at Planet Weidknecht

  14. What a wonderful thing to do! You look fantastic with your new cut too!
    I'm visiting from the Alexa Hop – I would love if you stopped by my blog too when you get a chance! Thanks & have a great weekend! 🙂

    Musings From a SAHM

  15. Stacey Donaldson says

    I think your new haircut is fabulous! I'm a new follower from the hop, so happy to meet you 🙂


  16. Your new "do" looks fantastic! Some little girl is going to love the beautiful hair that you so kindly donated. I donated to Locks of Love once and am so glad I did. It was totally worth it!:)

  17. Wow! I love the new haircut! And you cut your hair for such a wonderful cause.
    New follower from the Planet Weidknecht Hop.

  18. What a great cause you supported! Found you through the blog hop!

  19. WynnieBee says

    Great cause and the haircut is cute too ! I didn't know you could mail your hair in – thanks so much for the post.

    Spotted your blog at Planet Weidknecht and now one of your newest GFC followers – glad I stopped by : D

  20. Stunning! The short hair makes you look so fresh and young. I really like it.
    Thank you for doing this! My mother died last year from Leukemia, AML to be exact. Such a horrible disease.

  21. Great thing to do! You look great too!

    Stopping by from the alexa hop and I'm following now too!

  22. bluebell screams says

    Love the new cut! I chopped over a foot off my hair a while back and wanted to donate it but turns out they don't take dyed hair. 🙁

    New follower from Mom Blog Monday

  23. Sandra's Fiberworks says

    OOh, I like the new Do! Visiting you via the Sunday hop, and as I am a stay at home mom blogger as well, I see I'm in good company.

  24. You look Sassy! and sporty & definitely younger! (you were pretty before) now you are just plain, dare I say Sexy?… 🙂

  25. sally re-grow hair says looked younger than before. I prefer your hair in short style than long one.
    I just know about Locks of Love in Florida after read your article. Thanks for Information.


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